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Thursday, October 23, 2008

of stress, loyalty, and commitment

I've been so much stressed out this past week. I say the last quarter stretch has been so stressful. Projects tend to come by bulk. Dagdagan mo pa yung lintek na project na hindi na ata naubusan ng problema (now eto na yung inaantay mo Mike haha)! How I wonder if this was sent to global, will we be in so much stress? Sino ba kasi ang mapilit na gawing local ang analysis? *pointing fingers to whom??*

I'm not really in the mood to rant in detail. All I wanna say is that...


Nakakatawa. Just heard mass at St. Jude and yet here I am, ranting. Bawi nga ako. Sabi sa Holy Gospel...

hehe. biro lang. Pero sa homily ni Father Rocky (hope I get his name right) eh nabanggit yung difference ng loyalty and commitment. Sabi nya kasi na from the Holy Gospel today, Jesus said na upon his arrival eh magkakahati-hati ang mga tao, which is true. Coz some people believed that He was the Messiah while some did not. So san pumasok yung loyalty and commitment sa story? Ewan ko. Basta ang sabi nya lang na it's all about choice. When Jesus came, we have the choice to be good or be bad. We choose to commit to Him with all our heart. With all our life. Just like in relationships (yeah, example to ni Father at hindi galing sakin!), some people promised to be loyal and yet not ready to commit. For them, nasasakal sila since nakatali sila sa isang relasyon. And this prevents them to do the things they're accustomed to. People tend to be loyal just to some extent. May hangganan, boundary, limitation. Whereas in commitment, there are no ifs and buts. Only you and me. Only us. So when someone better comes our way, we shy away. We distance ourselves. Coz we have committed to something unconditional. Committed to be loyal, faithful, contented, and to love unconditionally.

But still, some gets mistaken with the thin line that separates loyalty and commitment. Though most of the time, they're coherent. They complement each other. And when that happends, you get happily ever after. *bow*

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

vp debate @ SNL

Another ratings winner for NBC... *wink*