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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

farewell message 2005

Not everyone knows that PSRC is my 1st and 3rd job. Yes, I resigned last 2005. And no, I don't wanna talk about my 2nd job. LOL. Anyways, when I read this message from the powerpoint presentation that Stat provided me before I left, I can't help but smile. This was written by the very person I really look up to, my first mentor, and my idol (in handling clients na makulit at demanding LOL). And I don't know why Susan forwarded me the very email just today...after almost 5 years. And while reading it, I still can't help but smile...

Dear Caloi, 

Allow me to say a few words as you say goodbye to PSRC. 

First, allow me to recall your interview day. I am aware that I had thrown a barrage of tough questions towards you that day but you certainly handled yourself well and have obviously left a good enough impression for me to have chosen you. I am proud to say that I have made a fine choice in you as you have proven yourself up to all the tasks we had to do in our section. 

Secondly, I thank you. I thank you not only for the consistent and efficient support you have extended me when I was at PSRC but I thank you for having extended the same support to Irene when I left. In a way I was worried for Irene when I left not because I doubted she could handle all the work demand but I was worried that there would be new people coming in and you would have to assume some sort of a right hand support to Irene to train the new people in our section. Given that work in our section has some highly unusual peaks, I was just glad to have heard from Irene how helpful both you and Mitch have been. 

Thirdly, I wonder. I wonder becuase I have consistently heard from Reg when I was there how raucous (is that too negative a term) or playful you could be. I wonder why we haven't seen that side of you when I was there. I wouldn't have banned you for that anyway. 

Fourthly, again, I thank you. I thank you because I know how attractive you had been to the project teams ( I obviously make very fine choices!) yet you have not hastily deserted Irene nor me when some glazy offer was stealthily dangled your way. Thank you. 

Fifthly, again, I wonder. I wonder what has happened to your pair of yellow rubber shoes. Do you still have them with you? 

Lastly, I wish you well. I wish you well and I wish you all the best as you move on. I hope you find rewarding what you're set next to do. 

Good luck Caloi! 

Rico Namay
Statistical Methods 
Statistics New Zealand,Wellington
Ph: (+644) 9314177

Sunday, March 28, 2010

every GULP counts

I'm a bit late in bloggin' this latest pakulo of 7-Eleven. Just in time for the upcoming elections. People (politicians and voters) are kinda hitting on the surveys and giving idiotic comments about the veracity of it. Not being included in a sample for any survey done since 19 kopong-kopong, or how can a sample of 1200 actually represent more than 90M Filipino sentiments. Well I suggest  these people enroll in a statistics class or better yet a statistics program so they can somehow comprehend the theories behind sampling and surveys.

Sorry medyo mainit lang ulo ko sa mga ganyang tao. Anyways, going back to this pakulo of 7-11, in a way they're doing a survey of everyone or anyone who's buying Gulp, or any juice/CSD for that matter. Unahan ko na tong mga lintek na taong to, this kind of survey won't actually reflect accurate results from the upcoming national elections. Why? Because of the following reasons:
  • not all buyers of Gulp are registered voters (or at least 18 years old)
  • a person can actually buy Gulp more than once which is not allowed in any elections (unless you're a flying voter)
  • Gulp isn't accessible to everyone, meaning not everyone have the resources of actually paying for a drink and in turn getting their votes cast.
  • there's clearly a bias involved in designing the cups slash ballots. only 5 presidentiables have their own cups (Aquino, Villar, Estrada, Teodoro, and Gordon ) while the rest are sharing a cup with Undecided/Abstain
  • this is clearly for fun. nevertheless can actually give you some trending. but as I've mentioned above, this isn't accurate in terms of predicting results. But the results of this cool survey should be interpreted as: Among buyers of Gulp (single or multiple times, of any age and ecoclass) which have the resources to actually spend at least 20 pesos for a drink, candidate A actually leads by 5% against candidate B but in a way fall on a statistical tie with 10% margin of error. LOL
So which cup did I choose? dum dum dum...

And I checked undecided. Coz I'm still quite undecided whether to go Abstain or go yellow. LOL

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Just sharing... Last day today! So hurry up!

Friday, March 26, 2010

the day Octagon swayed

Okay! I admit it. I'm not the right person you would want to be with during emergencies such as fire, storm, or EARTHQUAKE! I tend to panic a lot, my knees shake, and sometimes I cry. LOL

So when OMM shook and Octagon danced (as what my colleague described), my logical reaction was to panic. The earthquake that shook Manila and heavily damaged Baguio and Cabanatuan in 1990 is still vivid in my memory. So whenever there's an earthquake, I really get scared. Ok...scared a lot.

After lunch today, I was really dizzy. My head ached a lot that I needed to just take a nap. Around 1:30 I took the liberty to wake up and face my monitor, just surfing twitter and facebook. Anything that would let me forget that my head actually aches and I've already taken my meds. But after just 5 minutes (I think), I really got dizzy. I got a bit scared coz I thought the floor just moved or something. Then my officemates started saying lumilindol. And that was it. I panicked real hard. Especially when Yan pointed to the direction of Octagon (building beside ours which blocks my line of sight towards Podium) and we clearly saw it moving. And I panicked harder. I was asking them to go down. Ok, I was pleading for them to get out of the building. Too bad they weren't like me and didn't panic so they just stayed in their cubicles. And funny thing was, while panicking, I made it sure that my iPhone was with me. LOL. I even went to the place of Mega B looking for people who would actually go down to the ground floor. I just needed someone to accompany me in case I get dizzy climbing down the steps. 21 floors isn't a joke especially if you're not 100% fit LOL.

So after several minutes, I got my calm back. Everyone actually got back to work except me. I needed something to get my head out of the quake that just happened. And Stat agreed that we all needed ice cream. And the rest was history.