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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Secret's Out

Just heard... the secret's out...

First my director, then a colleague. And just now a college buddy. I know the intentions are good but still...

Anyways, since it's out in the open then I'll give the details. Haven't blogged in a long time due to my busy schedule and me being disorganized lately. It's sad to be blogging again with this topic in mind. So here it is...

I've been doing MRI's at least once a year after I got sick last January 2010. Just a routinary measure to keep me sane that my brain's in normal condition. The last MRI I had was last December. Initially my neuro wanted to schedule it this February but I insisted, without her knowing, to do it last December since I've been having a series of headaches. When I got the results I was relieved that the supposedly blood clotting reduced in size. But was alarmed of the remark "slight fullness of sinus". Allergic rhinitis runs in the family and during the time I had my MRI I was having colds. So I disregarded that remark and proceeded to my normal routine. But when a college friend's dad passed away due to stroke last April, I got worried. What if it happened to me. So I immediately visited my neuro and showed her my MRI results. She was a bit alarmed with that same remark so she advised me to see an ENT just to be sure. The next day I had an appointment with an ENT at My Health in Shangri-La. He was at first clueless since my nose is normal and the only thing that I've been complaining were the nasal drips. So right then and there he proceeded with laryngoscopy. In the video clip caught, he showed me a mass in my nasopharynx area. It was really surreal since I haven't been feeling anything that would even give me a hint that a mass was already forming behind my nose. And so I decided to get a second opinion.

The following week I went to St. Lukes Global to see another ENT. He scheduled another laryngoscopy the following week just to be sure. And it was confirmed. A huge mass was really in my nasopharynx area. And he was also surprised that it doesn't obstruct my breathing. The only symptom evident is my loud snoring. So he gave us options. Actually just an option. What he can say is that it appears benign but if asked if he's sure, he can't say anything other than biopsy. Biopsy is the only way to confirm if it's cancer or not. Nanay died from pancreatic cancer last 2005 and she didn't undergo biopsy. Aside from her cancer being complicated, she's already weak. But here I am still on my toes and strong. So to relieve all worries and stress, I said yes to biopsy. Last Saturday, I underwent biopsy at SLMC Global under local anaesthesia. Now, I'm waiting for the results. For now all I can do is pray that it be benign. But whatever the result may be, I will fight it. I still want to live and spend time with my family and friends. So to whoever might be reading this, I ask for your prayers. I know my friends' intentions are good and am thankful for having them. But my Dad still doesn't know so I hope we can keep this to ourselves until I get the courage to tell him of my situation. But for now, prayers will be very much appreciated. =)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MYOH 2012

I used to be a fan of Havaianas but changed my mind when the Nike flops came here in Manila. I thought the soles of Nike were more comfy and the colors were more of my style. But after my 5th pair, one by one the straps got cut. So I reunited my love for Havs. Can still remember "our" mutual pair.

Anyways, been wanting to visit the Make Your Own Havaianas event but schedule really doesn't permit me. Besides, I have no patience of falling in line for hours. But this year was different. When I learned of this year's schedule, I told myself that I'd drop by whether I like it or not. Fortunately I had a scheduled check-up yesterday at SLMC Global. I dropped by immediately after, hoping that the line isn't that long since it's still office hours.

And thank God I did! Had my first personalized pair... 

then came my second pair. Addicting!

Make Your Own Havaianas Official Website