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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Have A Merry KALOYSTER Christmas!

"This year has been a soft roller coaster ride for some and a space shuttle ride for others. Nevertheless, let's not forget the true essence of this day. It's His day!. So let's pause for a while and thank Him for all the blessings He showered upon us. Have a Merry Christmas, may you be in your homes, on the road, at work, or in evacuation sites. Everything happens for a reason. Cheer up y'all!"

Sunday, November 27, 2011


At first glance, I didn't expect that I'll be liking this new shoes that hit Manila. It's basic design doesn't really equate with the price. But when I wore it, I fell for it. So comfy! Not to mention its designs and different color and styles. Also, for every pair that you purchase, Toms will give another pair to the less fortunate. Nice!

I was really planning to drop by the Toms event at Trinoma come December 4. There I'll be able to design my very own Toms pair. But when I was at Rustan's Glorietta yesterday for Havaianas shopping, it turned out that there's also a similar event that they're holding. Being the compulsive and impatient person that I am, I grabbed a pair and had it designed. Why would I wait for a week if its already infront of me. So today, I was able to get my pair since I didn't make the cutoff yesterday. Fortunately, I liked it! Loved it! Thanks Toms!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Battle of the Planners

So here is the 2012 edition of the battle of the planners. Last year, I gave the crown to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Chose to use it instead and dispose of my 5 Starbucks planners and 1 Bo's Coffee Doodle Book. But this year, I got back with Starbucks (after 15 days!). They finally realized that most people wants a smaller version and not the National Bookstore type planners. Let yourselves decide!

Bo's Coffee's "The Coffee Book"

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Giving Journal

Starbucks' 2012 Planner

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sore Eyes!!!


SORE EYES NGA!!! Kahit sa second opinion eh bacterial sya. So ilang araw na naman akong leave from work. Eh mahal na mahal ko pa naman ang work ko. LOL.

So here are my bestfriends for the 2 weeks... Sana next week eh makapasok na....

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Do you know Professional Heckler? If not then you can call yourself a L-O-S-E-R! His blog is so popular that he won in the category Best Humor in the Blog Awards for 4 straight years! And he's also active in the microblogging site Twitter. Every Saturday evening, he holds the quiz show inspired #QUIZTION where he asks a random question (open category) and his followers will try to answer it by tweeting back with answer and the hashtag #Quiztion. Based on experience, Jeff Canoy always wins! But tonight was different... FINALLY!

FYI: The Professional Heckler is also the famed rusher Loi Pogi (Morning Rush with Chico & Delamar at Monster Radio RX 93.1).

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shared Planet: Sneak Peak

Come November 3, all roads lead back to all Starbucks branches for the first day of sticker redemption for the 2012 Starbucks Planner! This year's edition comes in 5 designs made of engineered wood with their own pouches. Colors are Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce, and Oak (from lightest to darkest).

And this year, Starbucks is giving us 3 options on availment:

  • Buy 9 Christmas blends + 8 core beverages except bottled drinks = 17 stickers
  • Buy 23 core beverages except bottled drinks = 23 stickers
  • Buy P5000 worth of Starbucks merchandise (GC, tumblers, etc.) = free planner
There you go. Hope to get my own soon! I'm torn between Oak and Spruce!

Photo courtesy of Jason King Ong's blog.
You may also visit this or this for more pictures.

Enjoy brewing!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adidas KOTR 2011

So the day had come...

Last October 23, Adidas KOTR Philippine Leg was held at the Global City. Fortunately, the 4 scheduled alarms woke me up. By 5AM, was already at the NBC tent witnessing the 21K and 16.8K runners prep up for the gun start. I was really at a loss since it was my very first race other then the Run For Hope. I'm not sure where to go so I asked at least 2 people. 5K was supposed to have 3 waves: 5:50, 5:55, and 6AM. I dunno what wave will I run. Thankfully this daddy told me that he also had no idea. Buti na lang di lang ako yung medyo aanga-anga LOL. So I decided to ran the first wave. The first KM was really a test for me. Feeling ko puputok yung appendix ko. It was good that I went on. Bahala na may medics naman haha.

Just like the time I ran at the UP Acad Oval, I timed myself seeing if I can surpass the 30min barrier that I set for myself. And this was what I got!

I was positive that I officially got a faster time since it took me several seconds after I crossed the finish line before I stopped the timer. And I was right!

Overall, I must say that I really enjoyed my first official run. Looking forward to next year's edition. Way to go Adidas!!! Oh and thanks for these freebies and my finisher's medal! Woohoo!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Havaianas Final Call

  • Promo runs from October 24 up to November 30, 2011.
  • Purchase any (1) pair and avail a 20% discount.
  • Purchase two (2) or more pairs (any style) and avail a 40% discount.
  • Purchase any Havaianas Accessory and avail a 10% discount.

Here are the participating retailers implementing 20% dicount only for every pruchase of a pair:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Runner In Me

Who would have thought that I'd be running an official race anytime soon. Not me! But yes, I registered for Adidas KOTR this coming October 23. Not because I enjoy running. Not really. With my weak lungs and endurance, I'd rather stay seated. I don't even like walking! Would rather ride than walk from office to Megamall! I only registered because of this!!!

I'm not after the time, I just wanted to finish the race with a decent time!

For weeks I've been checking on my time at the threadmill. How much time do I take to finish 1K? 2K? 2.5K? With that I just estimate the time if I'll be doing 5K. 

But last night I opted to take it to the next level and  run 5K at the UP Acad Oval. The oval stretches 2.2K so I need to make 2 rounds and about a third to get that 5K.

And my only target, to finish under 30 minutes. IMHO that's quite decent for a first time runner for an official race. The first that I joined was the fundraising Run For Hope for my Big Boy Jon Angelo. I clocked in above 40 minutes then coz I basically walked half the 5K stretch. But last night, I ran! Ok I walked for about 5 minutes in total coz I felt that I was losing my breath. But for the remaining part, I really pushed myself hard. And my time??!

Damn! 31 seconds out of my target. Should have walked 4 minutes then I could have broken in the 30 minute bracket. Anyways, let's see on October 23 if I can achieve my personal goal. And I'm excited to have that medal around my neck!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ako na talaga ang fan! Hehe. Sana mapa-autograph ko to. Tsk!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


First time since I started watching THE UP PEP SQUAD at the UAAP Cheerdance Competition, I am sure that they have bagged the crown even if FEU and UST have yet to perform. It was mentioned before that if they deliver a flawless routine, God-willing, then they'll have it in the bag. And they did. The UP crowd went wild while those from the other schools fell into silence, awestruck perhaps? Nevertheless I think it was clear that the UP Pep meant business when they performed their Madonna-inspired routine. To the extent of dyeing their hair blonde. Again, "Ang PEP ng bayan" lived up to their monicker of being the pioneer of reinventions and creativity. New formations, tosses, partner stunts, and tumbles were introduced. One male pep was even lifted by another male pep, that's strength at its finest. Less gimmick, more athleticism. That's the secret formula of winning 1st place. Also, UP Pep Squad won the inaugural Group Stunts Competition beating out NU and FEU for the title. And to complete the Grand Slam, UP PEP Nesza Salvador won this year's Samsung Stunner. Way to go girl!

Here's the clearest video I've seen at youtube. Credit goes to the owner.

As for the rest of the teams, here's my take. Please note that reviews are based on what I've seen LIVE! Order of the teams is based on their final rankings.

DLSU ANIMO SQUAD:  I was really surprised when Boom Gonzales called them 1st runner-up. And I believe all schools, except DLSU of course, were surprised too. But then again, maybe the judges saw something that we didn't. For me, their routine was just okay. No toss nor pyramid was really memorable, well except the one time a girl was thrown really far. Just saw it in replay. Costume was okay, ala Robin Hood nga daw. But still, I think their 2nd place finish was questionable. PERSONAL RANK: 6th

FEU CHEERING SQUAD: I always consider FEU as the closest competitor there is for UP. UST has long lost its cheerdance dominance. And before the cheerdance hype even started, FEU has made it clear that they're in it for the crown this year. The start of their routine was really really strong. They lived up to their Indian theme. Their tosses were good, partner stunts were solid. But towards the end of their routine, you can see minor errors until the left side of their last major pyramid fell. That really costed them points and later on the championship. Nevertheless, my respect for them is still there and I know that next year, they'll give UP a good fight.  PERSONAL RANK: 3rd

UST SALINGGAWI DANCE TROUPE: UST has been known for their dominance at the UAAP CDC having won 8 titles, 5 of which are consecutive. But lately, they've been showing less eagerness to win by displaying below par routines by Salinggawi standards. This year was no difference. Yes, they can still dance, tumble, fly. But the WOW factor was not anymore present. It's as if they've been sending their team B to compete. And having the same fate as two years ago, they've been booted out once again from the Top 3. I hope UST SDT go back to their drawing boards and reflect how they did it 5 years in a row during the early 2000.  PERSONAL RANK: 4th

ADAMSON PEP SQUAD:  Adamson was first to perform and they wasted 6 minutes of our time. I dunno whatever happened to the dark horse that is Adamson during the early 2000. They've been knocking on the Top 3 doors every so often and even managed to crack in one time. But the past 3 or 4 years, they've been giving us unimpressive routines. Yesterday's routine was completely forgettable. I just hope they've put back their signature carousel throw. That may bring back the glory days to their school.  PERSONAL RANK: 7th

NU PEP SQUAD:  Since Henry Sy bought this school, funds went in just to modernize everything including their Pep. Seeing their costumes, ala Rodeo, you know that they were there to win. But costumes are not everything there is to bag the crown. You need to have the skills. And they showed us skills. NU has improved tremendously by giving us a near flawless routine, fast transitions from one pyramid to another, and the skyhigh throws. That's why we were really surprised that they didn't even place. When FEU was called 3rd place, we were already shouting NU for 2nd. FEU even joined us in cheering for them. But we were wrong. I hope NU again show us next year that they are the dark horse to enter the Top 3.  PERSONAL RANK: 2nd

ATENEO BLUE BABBLE BATTALION:  Ateneo has shown us that they can beat anyone if they put their hearts into it. This year they had a good concept, even if they shared it with FEU. But they failed to sustain it all throughout their routine. But I really like two parts of it, one was the A formation. It was really cool. Then the magic carpet ride. It brought back memories to their 2009 routine when they did the moonwalk. Personally, I still think they were better than DLSU.  PERSONAL RANK: 5th

UE PEP SQUAD:  Completely forgettable.  PERSONAL RANK: 8th

Again, these are just my personal opinions based on what I've seen live. I just hope that next year all schools will level up one notch or more so that they can give us a really good show.

And I would just like to thank all the schools who cheered for UP after they were announced winners. Yes, even UST was cheering for us and even sang UNIBERSIDAD on our behalf. In return, UP cheered GO USTE. It was really heartwarming seeing all schools satisfied with the results. Thanks guys!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


In a few hours all roads will lead to Araneta Coliseum for the annual UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Squads from the 8 member schools will cheer, dance, tumble, and fly for the much coveted title. And this year, defending champions (and heavy favorites ehem!) UP pep Squad goes BLACK for Back2Back!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hashbrown Burger?

Looks promising... Filling! I must say this gives us better value for money than KFC's Tower Burger.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Canon 3-Day Sale

Gonna check on the lenses. Gotta get ready for the UAAP Cheerdance!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Stores For 2011

Need to visit these soon...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Team Manila Very Long Weekend Sale

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free Round-Trip Ticket Baby!

I'm not really born lucky during raffles. The last time I won a major prize was during PSRC's 2004 Christmas Party where I won the major prize (Sony TV). And after almost 7 years, here I go again. Thanks Cebu Pacific! You're the best!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Congrats to us! =)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

UP Professional Schools

If this is true then I'm in for my masters!!!

By Julie M. Aurelio
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—The University of the Philippines on Tuesday signed an agreement with the Bases Conversion and Development Authority donating a 4,300-square-meter lot for the UP Professional Schools in Global City, Taguig.
UP President Alfredo Pascual and BCDA president Arnel Paciano Casanova signed the memorandum of agreement, which will pave the way for the construction of the new campus within the year.
Casanova also turned over a deed of conveyance in which the BCDA donated the lot to UP to be used for academic purposes.
The UP Professional Schools in the Fort Bonifacio Global City will offer post-graduate courses initially from the College of Law, School of Statistics, College of Engineering, College of Business Administration, and the Open University.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bo's 15and50

In celebration of Bo's Coffee's 15th year and 50th store, they're slashing their prices down. P15 for short brewed coffee (10am to 3pm) and P50 for tall Froccino (3pm-7pm). For 24-hour stores, you can also enjoy the promo on 12am-4am. This runs every Tuesday and Thursday from June 28 to July 21.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Going On 30

30 is the new 20!!!

Thanks everyone who spent their peso, internet minute, and email space! Really appreciated them.

Mam Nina, Nenz, Honey, Karlam, Lizzie, Pops, Jas, Philip, Teacher Bex, KC, Nhot, Cat-Cat, Carla, Tina A., Pangga, K, Ate Carla, Paolo, Mam Lulu, Tin C., Mam Che, Ate Morriel, Apple, Chona, Carlo, Rachelle, Rai, Tita Juliet, Sherilyn, Mam Judy, Clemence, Berna, Ros & My, Miko, Liann & Ian, Paul, Sally A., RJR, Lorena, Gera, Princess, Grace, Jhae, Michmac, Charisse, Sir Jay, Ate Gina 1, Mam Lanie, Lee Ann, Jane, Lanie, Ruth, Ryan, Anj, Rommel, Claire, Jacque, Leigh, Boy Supermaria, Avy, Ate Emma, Weng, Kim, Dinna, Alyzzah, Aura, Rochel, Charlene, Jermits, Loca, Airol, Renee Rose, Vel, JR, Kath, Yanie, Anna, Adrianne, Ate Gina 2, James, Kar, Levy, Mam VJ, Majo, Jean, Noimie, Mam Jo, Blue, Mae, Ann, EJ, Macris, Pons, KCat, Kelly, Ms. Mabs, Sir Al, Rudy, TinTin, Mam Jen, Roland, Tin M., Aben, Cza & Matt, Emie, Betch, Cha, Ju, Susan, Monique, Ayah, Peewee, Abie, Cla, Onats, Addi, Aidan, Melbs, Beng, Jessie, Marfa, Ariel, Gracey, Diane, Ferdie, Ate Cesil, Maan, Char, Aimee, Carlito, Mike V., Kath, Chin, Rai D., Marygrace, Love, Mam Bing, Ate Thelma, Kyo, Mam Gen, Vinz, Sherelle, Sir Emil, Len, Honeypie, Maricar, Jonitet, Chummy

Ariane, Nenz, Monik, Ayah, Jolee,

Ate Gina2, Intiang, Matt, Carsha, Sab, Paul, Mitch & Mok, Tracy & Jay, Gigie, Jenny, Marianne, Gyna

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Birthday Horoscope - 071511

You will detach from unhealthy preoccupations and center your life on what truly makes you happy. You'll work out stress through physical fitness and sports, and you'll love your new shape. Exciting business happens in September. A relationship becomes a main event in October. November brings a windfall. Pisces and Virgo people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 40, 1, 22, 49, and 38.

You have an unusual ability to influence others, and this can help you enormously. You're also very resourceful about using whatever is at hand. You believe in being useful to society. Indeed, many of you are generous! You feel a strong responsibility to family. Your year ahead might be one of the most powerful years of your life -- so dream big!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Love Ko To

There are a few things I'm loving about McDonald's. No, it's not their product selections. I'm still a solid JB fries, chickenjoy, jolly hotdog, and sundae fan. But these things make me drop by the nearest McDo branch in Pearl Drive (from work).

I commend McDo for starting it off and eventually sticking with paper bags for take-outs. Your deeds will be rewarded for helping our ailing environment. I still say, no to plastics for takeouts! Bad idea lang siguro yung strawless fridays. I remember one time when I ordered Monster Float and all she gave me was plastic spoon. It didn't occur to me that it was a Friday until she mentioned that they don't have straws on Fridays. I was joking around while on our way back to the office that the spoon was intended for sipping Coke (pretty much like soup). For me it was just a bad idea. May paper straws naman eh. But that's just me ok. =)

When the World Cup glasses were released, I bought 8 glasses (all charcoal in color). I just figured that it will work well at home. So even if they break, I won't really feel upset since it's just P25. Now, from 8, we're down to 3. Thankfully McDo released this "can" glass. May bago nang babasagin Dad ko! Thanks McDo!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

150 and counting

It's been four years since I started this craziness. Going around the Philippines and visiting different Starbucks branches is no easy task. Pretty expensive too. But then again, at least I only have this addiction. No drugs, smoking, nor drinking. Or at least drinking caffeine.

So after four years, and 150 unique branches, will I still continue? HELL YEAH! Visiting Davao, Iloilo and those 2 new stores in Cebu are already planned. And hopefully I'll be able to cover every branch there is before I move global...

So to document my 150th store, here are some pictures of my short trip to Starbucks Summit Ridge Tagaytay.

Another Starbucks addiction: collecting city tumblers. 11 and counting...

And lastly, family bonding FTW! (not mine sorry)

For documentation of the 150 outlets (in case you'd want to check), please click on the LINK.

Monday, June 20, 2011

big boy's big three

It's been several months already since big boy Jon Angelo Viado left us to join our Father in heaven. But his memory and legacy still lives. A few months after he left, we were able to do a charity event at the Philippine Children's Medical Center called "Breathe Hope Cares". It was a complete success. Even avid celebrity supporter Anne Curtis was there to show her support.

And on his 3rd birthday, his parents have decided to spend it with the kids of PCMC again. And we, the BreatheHopers, were still there 100%. Clowns, games, toys, and Jollibee were there to bring joy to those ailing kids. And to the kids and parents' surprise, avid supporter Ryan Bang was there. He read a story to the kids and even sang and danced. He was really a joy to watch. Seeing the smiles on the kids were worth the time I spent out of the office.

Another BreatheHoper, KCat Yarza, published this article at Manila Bulletin.

Some pics of the event caught on my cam:

 For complete photos, click HERE.

rizal @ 150

In celebration of Jose Rizal's 150th birthday, the Department of Tourism has launched a campaign called "Lakbay Jose Rizal @ 150". This a nationwide campaign wherein you get to travel and visit 27 significant sites of Rizal's existence (at your own expense of course). Not only can you relive the life of our national hero, you can also win a prize. Tokens, of different sorts (I suppose), will be given to the first 100 who'll finish the trail by June 19, 2012. All those who'll finish the trail outside the first 100 will get completion certificates.

Monday, June 6, 2011

career #10

And so history repeated itself. Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer to cap his record-tying 6th French Open crown. With this win, he's 6 titles shy off Federer's all-time grand slam record of 16! But more importantly, he was able to retain his #1 ranking in the ATP race. Had he lost, Novak Djokovic will climb up to the top of the rankings.

Rafa beat Roger in 4 sets 7-5 7-6 (3) 5-7 6-1. He showed his dominance after working his way up from 3-5 in the first set to actually winning it in 4 straight games. Roger showed a bit of life in the third set by hitting aces after aces. But Rafa was clear in wanting to win by completely dominating Roger in the fourth set and allowing him to win just one game.

Just my two cents. Had Rafa got past the fourth round 2 years ago, will Roger be able to complete his career slam? In French Open finals alone, Rafa is 4-0 against Roger. Let's see in Wimbledon if Roger can avenge this loss. But for now,


In other news, can someone tell me where I can get Rafa's Nike jacket?!