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Saturday, May 31, 2008

stat-it bonding for may

After more than 6 months, natuloy na sa wakas ang Stat-IT bonding/open forum. Next step: out of town!

At umiral na naman ang kajologan ko! Haha...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

bad luck comes in 3's

I've talked to an office colleague just this morning and asked her if she believes that bad luck comes in three's. She said NO! Hell NO! Ako oo! And it just happened to me in just a span of 24 hours...

  • STRIKE 1: 2pm yesterday, a meeting was set to discuss a conjoint study. I thought I came loaded and ready. Well, I thought wrong. Nasigawan lang naman ako infront of my junior teammate, a friend from a different department, and a high-ranking co-worker from another division. Sobrang sama talaga ng pakiramdam ko after. Okay, maybe exaggerated yung sigaw, pero definitely the pitch was way above normal. Not to mention the walk-out. I just wished I've defended myself. That I really needed time to study the new software. That I was informed of the project pushing through a week after we received the actual software. That I was really trying hard, ALONE, to read the more than 600-page manual, and at the same time practising it in my laptop. That I've been staying late at Starbucks every night, including weekends, just so I can really pour my thoughts on this study. That I wasn't really confident with Conjoint and I badly needed assistance. But then I was left there seated, staring blankly at my laptop screen. Actually fighting the urge for a tear to drop. Not now, not infront of my colleagues. I really hate conjoint. Now, I am really not looking forward to my evaluation on Monday. But then again, I have to prepare a copy of the big R! My big R!
  • STRIKE 2: It's the third straight week that i chose to attend mass at St. Jude during the 7-8am mass. Para hindi ako nagmamadali after office. Besides medyo malayo ang Mendiola sa Ortigas. But kanina I woke up late, around 6am, took my shower in 5 minutes and left. I opted to take a cab since I don't wanna be late for mass. This asshole taxi driver was full of adrenaline that he thought he was in a racetrack, Racing against another cab driver. Then BAAAGGG!!!! We crashed into a jeepney which has stopped just infront of us. Good thing was hindi naman ako nasaktan. Kungdi, sasaktan ko din si manong driver. I was about to accompany them to the nearest police station since irereklamo ko din sya na kaskasero sya and sya may kasalanan pero I chose not to since late na talaga ako. I just hope he learned his lesson. And I'm pretty sure now that he would after the damage to his cab. Tsk tsk.
  • STRIKE 3: During the mass, wisshhhh wishhhh. Putek umuulan. And the bad thing was, wala akong payong! Kahit jacket wala! Ayun, I was stranded inside the church. And I have a meeting ng 9am. Galing talaga. Nung ambon na lang, I decided to leave. Kaso nung malapit na ko sa labas ng Mendiola gate ng MalacaƱang, umulan na naman. And this time mas malakas pa. I'm soaking wet, and wala pang taxi! So nung humina na ulit I decided to pass by CEU since may shed yung walkway nila unlike sa San Beda. Haha, ayos! Nakapark na kotse ng kapatid ko sa harap ng school. So I called her and borrowed an umbrella, since may extra sya sa kotse. Seems hindi pa talaga ako minamalas. Then, sumikat na ang araw. Saya!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

at last, a rocker idol

Look at who's smiling now...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


KNOCKOUT! That's Simon Cowell's description of the last showdown between the two Davids. And sadly, he was referring to Archuleta.

Hate to say this but Cowell must be right. It all boils down to song choice. Archuleta's choices were safe, and were meant to please the crowd. Cook's choices were a bit risky. The last song wasn't even in his genre. But I was pleased to see a different side of Cook. And those tears were kinda surprising. A rocker with a heart! Now that's a bit new.

So now, all we have to do is wait while our friends from the US decides whether to crown the youngest Idol or the very first ROCKER IDOL! I still believe that Cook deserves it more. Either way, they would surely get their own albums in a month or two. Ego-booster na lang ang labanan.


David Cook:

David Archuleta:

Monday, May 19, 2008

david vs. david, the face-off

Two nights to go!

Studio Version
Live Version

Download the two set of sound files and hear the difference!
Still on Cook's side though! Rock On!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

happy birthday ARISHA!

Happy FIRST birthday to my inaanak.
Arisha, be good to Mommy, Daddy and Kuya Kenzo ok.
Ninong Caloi will always be here for you.

Friday, May 16, 2008

david vs. david

For Idol fanatics, this is the time we've been waiting for. The auditions were over, so were the eliminations. The IDOL storm is now down to 2! And it's a showdown between the two Davids, Archuleta and Cook. Will be posting sound files at my MULTIPLY site for you to judge who deserves the title of American Idol!

For more Idol news, check out AmericanIdol.com!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

boracay for P4800++ only

May promo ang Seair!

roundtrip ticket
3 days, 2 nights accommodation
free breakfasts

selling period: May 14-18
flying period: June 16 - Oct 12

hotline: 8437308

Sunday, May 11, 2008

4k garden resort

Iba talaga ang abot ng wifi. Libre pa dito sa 4k Garden Resort sa Catmon, Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Try ko lang ulit magpost ng pic hehe.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

bye miss gaye

I really hate goodbyes. Pero syempre hindi naman sya maiiwasan lalo na sa isang industry na medyo fast-paced. Maraming dumarating, mas maraming umaalis. So after two of my friends left last month (Kath & Buen), an ARD followed suit. She's now heading the research department of Jollibee Foods. Not bad! Though I'm also expecting two of my closest leaving within the next two months. Ako kaya kelan? hehe

Anyways, pictures were taken (of course, courtesy of my 5 megapixel N95 8gig with Carl Zeiss lens LOL) during the despedida lunch for Miss Gaye. I can say that I've been close with her since two of my most memorable projects, after coming back from my 1 year hiatus, was under her accounts. Rainbow (my first conjoint project) and Allure which paved way for a reality check na meron ngang mga monster clients. Let's just give her an alias, Arlene Sarmiento.

I will really miss you Mam Gaye. =(

And guess whose butt this is. Spelling the number 30! Sorry Ria! Haha!

Friday, May 9, 2008

special greetings

Happy Happy Birthday CUZ LEN!

San ba ang pakain natin? hehe

Advance Happy Mother's Day din!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

for sale: laptop

I'm selling my Neo Empriva 525gx laptop for P14,000 (still negotiable). SOLD!
Para sa mga kakilala ko talaga, open pa rin for installment haha!

Pentium M, Intel Celeron, 14.1" widescreen, 40gb hard-drive, 1.256gb memory (256mb package then added additional 1gb memory), Windows XP Home edition, Microsoft Office 2003, built-in webcam, CD/DVD writer, Wifi-ready, 4in1 card reader, carrying bag, manuals, CD, AC adaptor, TV input cable.

Downside, some scratch marks and faded silver top cover which can be covered easily by a laptop skin. Battery life is 1 hour (based on surfing, chatting, downloading MP3, and soundtripping simultaneously).

Other than these, the notebook is in A1 condition. Reason for selling: just got my Compaq Presario.

For interested parties, you may reach me at 0917-JAYAGUI (5292484). For serious deals only. Maybe we can strike a deal.