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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the EK trip

Finally, the Enchanted Kingdom trip pushed through. It was a well-deserved break for all of us. Sayang mas pinili ni Dad yung isa kesa samin. Grrr!!! Pero ok na din. Saya naman eh.

Small world. Saw Mam Peth sa EK. Then after an hour, si Julien naman sa Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Mga taga-PSRC talaga GALA! whehehe.

BeRKS' xmas party 2008

December 20, 2008
Loca's MANSION! woohoo

So the annual BeRKS' Christmas party pushed through sa newly renovated Locayon mansion. Actually this was a treat from the November, December, and January celebrants. Astig kasi sila sila (konti lang ako) din yung nagluto. From the white sauce pasta to the pasta prep. At ang fave kong refrigerator cake. Woohoo! Thanks Mommy Chummy for the Starbucks GC. hehe. Sobrang saya kahit na andaming wala. At syempre ang cute cute ni baby Reign kahit na mukhang nabales hehe. Sa susunod ulit. Kaso mukhang matatagalan pa since nagtreat na yung January. Hmm... Pwede namang umulit! hehe.

mega B xmas party 2008

December 19, 2008
4/F PSRC Main building

This was the first time, hopefully not the last hehe, that Stat was invited to Mega B's christmas party. It was a videoke slash Wii party. Syempre out of place ako dun sa dalawa. I don't sing, uhmmm I don't sing with mic, and I don't play Wii. Funny lang kasi lokong loko sila sa Wii lalo na si Anj na boksingera palang talaga. PACQUIAO! hehe.

Anyways, it was fun seeing you guys in a different scene. Hindi na puro request whehehe. Thanks pala April for the Starbucks GC.

PSRC xmas party 2008

Finally! Nakapagpost din hehe.

Last December 18, 2008, we had our year-end party at the 41st floor of the Discovery Suites. The theme was Asian Inspired. Mega A was China also known as the upper class (ABC1), Mega B was Vietnam or the lower class (DE), Stat-Qual-IT-Marketing were Korea otherwise known as the middle class (C2) hehe, Main as Japan, and Samat as Thailand. We had our respective presentations na hindi naman halatang pinaghandaan haha. At the end of the night, the Chinese won 1st place, the Vietnamese 2nd place, and the Koreanovela stars third place *applause*.

So in behalf of the Koreans, I'd like to thank our sponsors, San Mig Light for my confidence during my solo dance routine, and Samsung for our winning props. LOL

Some pics...

For our presentation in video, please visit my Multiply site...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry ba ang christmas nyo?

Taon taon eh inaabangan ang Christmas text greetings ko. Sige na, wag na kayong mahiya. Aminin nyo na! hahaha. You can check my 2007 Christmas greetings in the archive. For this year medyo hindi ako inspired eh. Pano kulang sa oras. Kasalanan ni Gloria. Nagpapasok pa kasi sya ng 24 kaya kulang preparations ko. Hirap pa namang mag-isip pag wala sa MRT hehe.

Kaya I've decided to join the bandwagon of the Twilighteers. haha

BREAKING DAWN is like a NEW MOON appearing after an ECLIPSE which leaves everyone in a state of TWILIGHT.

-whatever this means, I really don't care. I just hope you get to enjoy the HOLIDAYS. Watch your weight. =)

Oh and by the way, I'm still accepting gifts until the 31st. Haha
Merry Christmas! =)

Happy Holidays y'all...

misa de gallo - wrap-up

Day 6
I've decided na hindi na ako matutulog. Past 2am na ako nakauwi from the BeRKS' Xmas party. Pag natulog ako, baka magtuluy-tuloy na. So nagsurf na lang ako from 2am til 4am. Nakauwi na sila ate so may kasabay na ulit ako. Pero, uuwi na rin silang Bacolod kaya mag-isa na naman ako kinabukasan.

Day 7 & 8
Three masses in one day. Whew! Hindi kaya ako lumagpas nito sa langit? First, simbang gabi sa Sanctuario del Sto. Cristo. Ako na lang ulit mag-isa pero I'm still determined to finish the nine day novena. Then Thanksgiving Mass sa office. Dapat hindi na ako aattend kaso umabot eh. hehe. Sarap ng food. Syempre nakadami ako sa favorite kong puto-bumbong.

Then, nag-anticipated mass ako nung gabi for Day 8. Hindi na kasi nakukumpleto tulog ko. On the average eh 3 hours na lang. Hirap ng insomniac. haay

Day 9
Sa hinaba-haba man daw ng prusisyon, sa kama pa rin ang tuloy. After 8 days, ayun, hindi ako nagising para sa last day! Sweet! Sabi pa ng Dad ko "kanina pa nga tunog ng tunog cellphone mo". Ayun naman. Kaso hindi nya pa rin ako ginising. Sweet! So, better luck next year...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

misa de gallo - day five

Today was the first day that I'll attend the Aguinaldo masses alone. Wala si ate. Nagcheck-in whehehe. Weird pero naghotel ang bagong mag-asawa. Yaman talaga!

So ayun, I'm all by myself kanina. Pero ayos lang. I'm determined to finish the simbang gabi.

So party na naman tonight. This time sa BeRKS Xmas party naman. Our annual Christmas get-together. I'm sure enjoy na naman to kasi mabibinyagan na namin ang bagong mansyon ni Loca. Again, details to follow once I get hold of the pics. hehe.

misa de gallo - day four

Let's just say Carpintero is back for good. Five more days of enduring his vocals. I think I can manage though. Tuwing Pasko ko lang naman sya naririnig eh hehe. Though the lack of sleep is starting to hit me.

Got home at around past 1 am already from the PSRC Christmas Party (details to follow). Needed to wake up at 4am for the simbang gabi. Then I slept again once I reached home. Woke up around 11am. So syempre halfday na yun. Tapos may party ulit kinagabihan. This time for Mega B naman. Videoke and Wii party. Details to follow once I get hold of the pictures. hehe.

misa de gallo - day three

So the long wait was over. While on our way to Sanctuario de Sto. Cristo, a familiar voice was heard. We can't be mistaken. Hahaha. And we're right. Carpintero was back. He was standing infront as usual, with his own mic and singing as if it was his concerto. So here I am going to criticize him again. It's been a year since I've seen him. He still sings his lungs out. Actually, no need for the choir since his voice (with a mic of course) out-volumes the voices of the choir members. But sometimes, it amazes me watching him. Yung buka ng bibig nya eh di tumutugma dun sa lyrics. And yet he holds a copy of the songs. Weird.

'Nuff said. So the PSRC Christmas party was held on day three. Details will be posted as soon as I get a copy of my video! Haha. Thanks San Mig Light!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

misa de gallo - day two

Still no Carpintero. Really really weird. First time since my college days that I haven't heard his voice singing as we enter the church. Makes me think now if everything's alright with him. Not that I'm missing him. Just felt weird.

So what else happened today?
  • came late sa status meeting. nasanay lang na di na kami sinasama
  • nagbunutan. ok na sana eh. kaso nag-ulitan. parusa!
  • sobrang daming work! nababaon ako.
  • i'm beginning to question the need for a consultant. really, is it worth it if i'll be doing everything?
  • finally, got my party outfit for tomorrow night. make me korean. or at least korean-indian.
  • oh and by the way, thanks thanks Claire and Ate Gina2 for the gifts. nahiya tuloy ako taghirap ako ngayon. so wala na munang fortune bamboo plant nor the xmas mug for this year. tagtuyot talaga. anyways, i'm still accepting gifts until the 24th. haha

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

misa de gallo - day one

This morning marked the start of simbang gabi. So nine days of getting up at 4am, beating the cold, and staying awake while listening to mass and Carpintero's singing. But I was surprised that he wasn't there. Thank God! Anyways, I thought this would start off good. But then again, I may be asking a lot. So what really happened?
  • a dead body was found several blocks away from our place. turned out he was a salvage victim. gandang pampabwenas sa umaga at umpisa ng simbang gabi
  • got an upset stomach which made it hard for me to concentrate during the mass
  • i was not feeling well the whole day. just wanted to go home and catch some snooze
  • got irritated with an officemate. really irritated which tested my patience and made me text him/her statements just to signify my irritation. just wished he/she would take it as a wake-up call.
  • took me 45minutes and 100 bucks to travel from OMM to main. traffic sucks!

Oh and by the way, just came from greenhills. Did some gift hunting for the kiddos. Still lacking some for the oldies. haaay. The downside of having a limited budget. Thanks to the abolition of Christmas bonus! Not fun really.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

first gift for xmas 2008

Special thanks to my very good friend, officemate, sister, etc. Rhuena Suarez for giving me my very first 2008 Christmas gift straight from New Zealand. WAHOO!!! *yum*

So yung iba dyan na nag-iisip pa ng christmas gift for me, kindly wait for my Christmas wishlist. To be posted soon here in my blog. *kapal*

Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 UP stat alumni homecoming

Last December 6, all roads (for Stat alumni that is) lead to the UP Bahay ng Alumni for the UP School of Statistics Alumni Homecoming. And as usual, we were late. Thanks to our addiction to Timezone and the movie Four Christmases. Personally, I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to watch UP Pep. I was literally running from the parking space of the venue towards the front steps of the Bahay ng Alumni. But to no avail, we were late. Really late. AARRRGGGHH!

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the night, Seeing familiar faces, even faces I'd rather not see. Nyahaha. Seriously, it was nice seeing people from the HIGHER BATCHES haha!

I just have a few angst, other than not seeing my beloved PEP. First, well we didn't win any prize from the raffle. Sayang yung SAS license worth 100k! Pwede na ding ibenta yun haha! The food was stale (even the iced tea na lasang gulaman), hindi pa nirefill so hindi nakatikim ng pasta yung iba. Pero masarap yung leche flan! At yang pledge na yan! Grrr! hahaha. Hindi kami prepared. Di sana nakapagwithdraw kami ng mas malaki. *joke lang *

And syempre, ang sakit pa din ng baba ko Rosalia! Para akong in-uppercut. Yun nga lang ulo ang ginamit! Waaah!

Here are some pichurs (especially with the higher batch hehe).

Pero ang pinaka-enjoy eh yung inuman session after. Thanks Carsh, Sab, and Char (not to be confused with Cher, the singer). Sobrang no-holds-barred Q&A sating lahat. Sa uulitin.

more of sally's shower

Monday, December 1, 2008

sally's bridal shower

Last night, we threw Sally a bridal shower. Syempre thanks kay Carsha and Tcher Bex for planning and coordinating. Success! Lalo na benta ang gift namin ni Chummy and Intiang hehe. Sinong nagsabing wholesome si Sally?! hehe

At papahuli ba naman ang CHAR?! (don't confuse her with Cher the singer! Haha)

impromptu timog gimik

Last Saturday also, we went to the wake of Peter's lolo in San Juan. Sab, Chummy, Miko, and myself. Afterwhich eh nagkayayaang magdinner sa Timog. Originally, gustong uminom ni Miko. Eh kaso mga kj kasama nya kaya nauwi lang sa dinner at dessert. At syempre, benta pa rin si Chummy, as usual. =)

Dinner lang sa Iceberg's sa Timog...

Then dessert sa may Morato dun sa bagong arcade dun tapat lang ng Burgoo...

And totoo to. Walang kamalay-malay si Chummy na lumipat na kami ng table. Nagtatawanan na nga yung mga nasa ibang table kasi sya busy sa table na natutulog. Ganyan nga siguro pag pamilyado na! haha. Mishu chummyto!

BA2555 091

Nike gym premium small duffle...

Nyahaha. Yung title ng post ko eh yung SKU code ng bag na hinahanap ko. Pero black and gray ang color. Kaso nalibot at natawagan ko na lahat ng Nike Park, Stadium, and Forums dito sa Metro Manila kaso wala na daw sila. Badtrip talaga! So ano pa nga ba! Syempre hindi pwedeng wala. Kaya I settled with...

Syempre may story yan. Ilang araw na nga akong naglibot kung saang-saang Nike outlet makabili lang nung hinahanap kong bag. So nung saturday eh nakarating ako sa Eastwood baka kasi meron dun sa outlet store dun. Kaso wala din! So napagdecidan kong kumain na lang sa Fazoli's. Bringing back the memories ang drama ko. Namiss ko tong Fazoli's kasi dito kami minsang naglalunch nung college kahit na may klase kami ng 1pm! Haha. Walang pakialam sa klase kaya nakakapaglunch sa Libis. Buti na lang mayayaman ang mga kaibigan ko (thanks pala Cla and Locs sa rides dati whehehe) kaya accessible ang Libis from UP. So ano ba ang dinadayo namin dito. Syempre yung unlimited garlic bread nila! Yumyum!

Pero syempre di dyan natatapos ang kwento ko. So wala nga akong nabili sa Eastwood kaya diretso na akong Makati. I checked the bag (pic above) kung available pa kasi yun yung second choice ko. Actually 3rd choice pala. Yung 2nd choice kasi di ko na pinagisipan. Way above my budget pala yun haha. Pag dating ko sa Nike Stadium eh isa na lang daw yun. Eh hindi nga ako bumibili ng naka display na so hiningi ko number sa Rockwell para icheck kung may stock pa dun. Medyo sumimangot yung nag-assist sakin. Tapos biglang kinuha yung bag kasi nagiinventory pala sila. Ayun, wala na daw ganun sa Rockwell kaya check ulit ako nung SKU code nung orig bag na gusto ko baka kasi magmilagro. Kaso wala pa din. Eh may milagro nga! Pagbalik nung lalake sa bag from inventory eh may tag na! 20% discount! Hahaha. Kung siniswerte ka ba naman. Tinanong ko kung magkano na yung discounted price. Biglang sabi nung nasa cashier dun sa lalake "bakit kasi nilagay mo agad yung tag!". Haha. So in short, naka-isa ako! Hahaha! Kaya eto, bago na naman bag ko. Hopefully this will be the last...for 2008! Haha!

twilight premiere

Special thanks to my very very good friend Carsha (ayan sa susunod ulit ah! hehe) for giving me her spare Twilight premier tix the last minute. Syempre pag kaladkarin ka kahit literally the last minute eh open sa change of plans hehe. Ayun nga, last Tuesday we got to watch the much awaited Twilight at Rockwell. It's a good thing I have read the book before this movie kaya medyo hindi ako nahirapang intindihin wehehe. And I highly recommend this kahit dun sa mga hindi nagbabasa. Sa katunayan eh nanood ulit ako today. At hindi ako nabore ulit. Ang plano ko nga eh bibili ako ng pirated DVD nito kesa naman ulit ulitin ko sa sine. Sayang ang 150! Haha. Ayoko magkwento kawawa naman yung mga masusugid kong mambabasa na hindi pa nakakapanood. Pero trust me, vampire si Edward! hahaha

Sa mga characters naman, nung una ayaw ko kay Robert Pattinson pero after watching the movie again, pwede na pala syang Edward. Si Bella naman ok na sya sakin. Though at first iba yung iniisip kong itsura ni Bella. I thought nerdy sya. Ang nagswak lang sakin talaga eh si Alice, Emmett, Carlisle, and Charlie. Ayun! hehe. Kaya nood na kayo! At sa mga nakanood na, nood ulit tayo!!!