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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in review

If you've been closely following (yeah right!) my blog, it's surprising that I wasn't able to make a review for 2009. Well, past is past.

This entry is specifically dedicated to everyone who have been a part of the year that was 2010.

  • 2nd day of January was my first ER checkup due to my frequent headache, fever, and vomiting. No diagnosis given, just meds for the pain.
  • 3rd day of January, I was confined at SLMC for a week. Diagnosis: meningitis. So I was pretty much bedridden for the first 5 weeks of the year.
  • 3rd week of February was my first official work day for 2010. Thank God it fell on the off-peak month of the year.
  • March - I can't remember any significant happening on this month.
  • April - Dave. Oh yes DAVE! The mother of all segmentations, meaning, countless overtimes and overnights!
  • May has been the month that equalize the low point that January gave me. Finally got my promotion.
  • June - Dave pa rin. And iba pang mabibigat na projects. June also was the time I got to know Baby Jon Angelo and Breathe Hope. And from then on I promised to myself that I'll always be there for Jon.
  • July - my birth month. And yes, my first time (finally natuloy din) to travel alone. Celebrated my birthday in Cebu, one of the best birthdays I've had. My version of my alone time with myself. LOL
  • August - more projects, more projects, and more projects
  • I was supposed to be in Bohol on the 2nd week weekend of September. But since it fell on the same date of the UAAP CDC, I let it pass. Good thing it was worth it.
  • October was work work work again
  • Spent a weekend of November in Iloilo...alone! And I'll continue "my" city tour until I've visited all major cities here in the Philippines.
  • 2010 started off with a very very low point in my year. But thankfully, as 2010 comes to a close, blessings kept pouring in. December had been my highest point for 2010. Success of the PSRC Rock party which I headed, Mega-B surpassing the quota set for the year and the "bonggang" yearend/ Christmas party. And best thing that happened was finally getting the W.O.W award. Looking forward to that Palawan trip.
So to everyone who have been a part of my rollercoaster year, my sincerest gratitude. Hoping, wishing, and praying that come 2011, as I draft my review for that year, you'll still be a part of it.

Cheers to 2010!

party #2: Mega B's pimps & whores

Fresh from the success of PSRC Rock, Mega-B has leveled up its annual department party. And since we exceeded our quota for the year, we can party to the max!

This year was the first, I think, that Mega-B held its party outside the office. And it was really amazing that the bosses and the RATs chose Victoria Court (yes the motel chain) as this year's venue. Pimps and Whores, that's our theme. And yes, everybody needs to dress up or pay P1000 as fine. So I just had a shirt done with PIMP shoutout.

And as expected, it was a complete success. Let's just say the current Mega-B has evolved. And yes, I like it!

For complete pics, just click here.

Friday, December 24, 2010


I'd be a hypocrite if I say that I didn't wish I get the W.O.W. (Work of Wonders) award. By far this has been the highest commendation given to any PSRC employee. Not to mention the perk of travelling to one of Philippines' tourist destination. Ever since winning runner-up honors for Rookie of the year in 2003, this has been my next target. But to no avail, every year, somebody else wins it. It even came to a point that I got hopeless. Since my bosses (director and manager) left, it felt like no one recognizes our efforts. I was even justifying to myself that I deserve it given that we were standing by ourselves even without a manager supervising us. And that's all I've been doing for the next X years, justifications!

Since I came back in 2006, I've been nominated twice (not counting this year). And given the load that I've had this year, I was thinking that if I didn't get it, then I won't be winning it in this lifetime. And that would be my last string, I thought.

So come December 16, judgement day, I was completely nervous. I kept myself preoccupied by making everything work for the Christmas party. And when MD announced this year's W.O.W. awardees, I got speechless even to the point of crying (good thing I didn't reach that point!).

Again, I'd like to say thanks to those who nominated me. I don't know everyone, but still, many thanks for these comments:
  • He's very professional when it comes to work, but he's also full of life.
  • On subjects that he is not familiar with, he takes time to research books/internet so he can explain it to us.
  • He's just so helpful.
  • He adds so much energy to PSRC events.
  • Caloi has also been a model employee for me. I can clearly see his dedication for work. His passion for work is incredible. He always sees a diffiicult task as an opportunity to grow and learn. He has also been an encouraging colleague and friend. Even if it's not his project and/or expertise, Caloi lends his help when we ask for it and volunteers if we do not seek his help.
  • Very easy to approach for consultation with regards to sampling, questionnaire and stat analysis concerns.
  • Where would we all be without him? The stat department for years has been neglected and he has kept the boat steady. Maaasahan.
  • Also, very hardworking. Stat may have been under-appreciated all these years since the team works in the backroom. As the senior in the group, he's led the team to put out and deliver.
  • A very valuable resource who has helped us in the many complicated projects we handled this year. I really appreciate his eagerness to understand client objectives and provide or experiment with the appropriate statistical solutions that can address these objectives. He's very reliable and is always there to help. Open to suggestions and creative in his approach. He is also willing to help out the Accounts team to explain to clients the science/statistics behind our analyses.

These words really put a big smile in my face after I secured a copy. I wasn't able to understand anything while on stage. Everything was a blur that moment.

Thanks also to the ExeCom for considering me. And thanks to everyone who made my 2010 more bearable. If not for you guys I would have lost it. Funny that it took me almost seven years and six (or seven?) segmentations before fate gave me this moment. Nevertheless, I am thankful and honored.

Quoting what MD said before and what my boss posted in my FB wall: "What will you do if you know you cannot fail? Even more Work of Wonders, I bet." It really takes courage for one to know one's limits. I'm glad that they've pushed me hard, really hard. If not for them, I would have stayed back in my shell and not explore further what I have to offer. Thanks again mga bossing.

Also, congrats to us Ayah, Rudy, Andrea, and my good friend Jean! PALAWAN...here we come!!!

party #1: PSRC Rock!

Last December 16, PSRC held its annual Christmas party to celebrate the company's success for 2010. And when I say party...I mean PARTY!!! This year's theme was ROCK and the people didn't disappoint us as everybody took their time off to dress up and rock the night out!

We literally rocked Chef & Brewer while Breakaway Band was playing in the background. This year, Mega A has defended their title they won last 2008 (no contest in 2009). Mega B came close second and Qual came in third.

This year was very special for me for two reasons. First, I headed the Christmas party committee which came out a big success. Second, I'll explain in my future post. =)

All in all, 2010 was a big success for PSRC. And we ended the year with a bang through PSRC ROCK!

Some highlights of the night:

For complete pics, just click HERE!