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Friday, April 30, 2010

finally reaping the rewards

After more than a month of Dave, a series of overnights, lunchbreaks with the nightshift classmates at McDo, and three passes of presentations, we're finally seeing light. We're about to reap our rewards!

hi judy! thank u for all the hard work on DAVE so far. that and JOEY will rly be landmark researches for JFC for years to come. wer very fortunate to have psrc as a partner on ths! pls send my gratitude and appreciation to everyone on the team. di pa tapos pero so far very good.:-)

          -- SMS from Jay, JFC consultant

It was refreshing to hear. But then again, I still need rest. Coz three weeks of non-stop segmentation work has taken a serious toll on my recovery.

Monday, April 26, 2010

chiz escudero for jojo binay

Chiz and I currently have one thing in common. We both think that Jojo Binay should be the next Vice-President. Good choice CHIZ! Looking forward to your presidential bid come 2016...

happy birthday ulit NANAY!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

1-tailed or 2-tailed

Nakakatuwa talaga pag ang mga geeks eh nagdedebate. Labasan ng mga evidentiary (may term bang ganito?) supports! Todo research agad sa internet at labas ng mga nagkakapalang libro. At pag hindi pa rin nagkasundo eh tawag na sa lifeline. Thanks ulit Wendz! Anyways, the question is: ano ba mas strict? 1-tailed or 2-tailed tests?! Thanks Pepsi for giving us the chance to review our rusty statistical test theories. LOL

So ano nga bang sagot? 2-tailed tests are stricter. Why? According to Sir Wendz, 1-tailed tests are just directional. In order to reject the null hypothesis, we have to prove just one scenario: either mu1 is greater than or less than mu2. But in 2-tailed tests, you have to prove both. You have to prove that mu1 is less than AND at the same time greater than mu2. By then it's safe to say that both means are statistically different. Hmm. Tama ba Wendz? Patay baka ibalik ako sa Stat115 nito haha.

If you want to test the difference of two means or proportions at 95% level of significance using 1-tailed, then  just test it at 90% level of significance at 2-tailed. Same goes if you want to test parity of two means using 1-tailed test, then test it at 80% level of significance using 2-tailed.

There you go, my very first Stat-is-Geek entry. Will try to post more. Maybe about survey and sampling so that presidentiables like Gordon can shut the hell up! Hindi ako galit. Hindi po talaga!. LOL

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

hsbc's starbucks promo

Starbucks tastes better when it’s ON US! For a minimum single-receipt purchase of P2,000 on your HSBC credit card, get any Tall Beverage of your choice plus one add-on from Starbucks, ON US! Promo period is from April 1 to June 30, 2010. Redemption period is from April 15 to August 30, 2010 in any Starbucks branch in the Philippines. For more information, visit the HSBC website.

Also, if you redeemed the 2010 Starbucks planner and kept the promo stubs, you can use it to purchase a Starbucks Coffee Tumbler with 10% discount. Offer good until the end of this month.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sneak peak: the new iPhone?!

Thanks to German beer, we got a glimpse of the next generation iPhone. Click the image to read through courtesy of GIZMODO.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

be a PPCRV volunteer

Last 2004 national elections, I spent my election day volunteering for NAMFREL. It was so unusual for me but since my friends did the same, I decided to join too. Yes it was tiring. We started around lunch time, I think, and ended during the wee hours in the morning the next day. We even had some rough times with teachers and poll watchers since we made sure that every canvass report tallies with the votes counted. It was volunteer work so no allowances (only snacks in the afternoon) and yet it was really worth it. In our small way we've done our country a favor...

And I'm doing it again this year! Though under PPCRV this time. Hope you can join me and do something for our country. Click here if you want to volunteer!

My mistake. NAMFREL still needs volunteers too. Click here if you want to be a NAMFREL volunteer instead.

pbbte: teen clash 2010

So nagstart na naman ang kaadikan ko. Though I'm doubting if I'll be supporting this the same way I supported PBB Double Up.

So, any bets this early?! Stay tuned nightly @  ABS-CBN.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

babe, i love you

Differences make    
            love exciting...

                But are those enough
to keep the relationship going?

...a story of how love brings changes out of differences

Sunday, April 4, 2010

happy easter

Easter is considered the most important day for Catholics. Yes, more important than Christmas. 'Coz today marks the rebirth of Christ after sacrificing his life to save us from our sins. So it's just appropriate for us to celebrate this day by renewing our faith.

Today also marks the rebirth of this blog. The past months have been rough on me and my blogging. But today, I will try to get back to blogging and share stuffs like gadgets, views, etc. So join me in my latest quest...