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Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 UAAP CDC: in a nutshell

For cheerdance fanatics, the second Sunday of September is always a red-letter day in their calendars. It's the time in the UAAP season when basketball takes a backseat and cheers alongside the whole studentry for their school's pep squads. Season 72 marked another year when the UP Pep will face their most notorious adversary, the UST Salingawi Dance Troupe. Just like the DLSU Green Archers to the ADMU Blue Eagles, UP and UST have been bitter enemies on the rubber mats for the longest time. Even their fans, students and alumni, share the same feelings towards one another.

So how did the schools perform?

The FEU Cheering Squad finally got hold of the championship after several years being in 3rd place. This was made more special since they were the hosts for Season 72. They got a score of a whopping 86.1%. The FEU Cheering Squad has been known for their consistency and fluidity of movements, as shown throughout their routine. I must say that their liftees (dunno what you call them) have been phenomenal while on air, having done different difficult tosses and turns, even perfecting the scorpion popularized by the UP Pep and adding complicated moves such as the famed toe-to-chin move. Nonetheless, this championship I give to the FEU Cheering Squad. One championship I wasn't even bitter to accept. They really deserved this spot this year. Can't wait to see how they'll be defending it next season.

I've always believed in the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion eversince Coach Randell took over. They've been knocking on the Top 3's door for the past 2 years, even surprising myself that they weren't able to barge in two years ago (in a highly contested result). But this year was also Ateneo's year, what with their MBT leading the basketball tourney, the Blue Babble Battalion finally entered the elusive Top 3, even beating the the top contenders UP Pep and the UST SDT. They won first runner-up with a score of 83.4%. Their routine was clean, though a much simpler one compared to last year's top 3. But then again, their error-less routine gave them the judges' nods and the 2nd place. I really liked the moonwalk though.

A bitter-sweet season for the UP Pep Squad. A should-have-been 3-peat deligated them down to 3rd place with a score of 83.1% (yes, just .3% shy off the Ateneo's score). The UP Pep Squad has been known for innovating the sport, having introduced concept cheerdance with their synchronized swimming, taebo, philippine games, etc. But they left a much much bigger expectation that they will surpass their last two routines which gave them the championship the past two years. I say that the UP Rock concept is still their best routine ever, followed by their Tribu concept last year in time for the Centennial. This year's theme though was made especially for the whole UP community, reflecting the UP culture as known and experienced only by the true Iskolars. I say that the ikot-toki jeep slash UP seal has been phenomenal, didn't expect that it would transform into anything actually. The inclusion of the sablay gave me goosebumps ( and I will proudly say that I liked their costume this year, plaid shorts and all). Well, they chose difficulty over accuracy, a risk they clearly paid bigtime. A lot of errors were caught up by the judges and this clearly reflected in their final score. But still, I'm very proud of our UP Pep Squad. Even with so many errors, the judges still credited the difficulty in their routines. And I can't wait to see them perform next year and snatch that crown back to Diliman. Though next year's competition will surely be a match-up not only with FEU, UP, and UST. With Ateneo having placed this year, I'm pretty sure the other schools will put sweat and blood to their routines in trying their luck to take any place. I say, may the BEST squad win!

You can watch the other squads' routines by CLICKING HERE.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

200th post, 2nd year

woah! Woah! WOAH!!!

Kakagulat ah! Akalain mong naka 200 posts na pala ako!!! Haha. Nawala ako sa bilang ah. Jeez. Sana bumalik na yung eagerness ko to blog. Ang boring na kasi eh. Walang bagong memo kaya walang bagong post. dum dum dum.




Finally, I got my ticket for the UAAP Cheerdance Competition Season 72! I'll be able to watch it upclose this year. Hopefully I won't jinx my beloved PEP! And as if it wasn't enough, I got my ticket from an FEU dancer. Well I said goodluck to them naman so ok na yun. But I'm feeling that the crown will stay in Diliman this year! LOL


Friday, September 11, 2009

QQ ni chinchin gutierrez

When I read these at twitter ang naisip ko lang eh...may tama ka! So thanks ex-officemate slash ex-load customer slash ex rant partner for letting me borrow your quotable quotes! haha. Will just incorporate the kaloyster POV in every point. Please read through. Not in particular order. Ang tamaan, well magkaka-blackeye! Enjoy!

  • QQ#1: aanhin pa ang evaluation kung wala namang plan of action (well ang masasabi ko lang....TAGAY!!!)
  • QQ#2: on charting, daig ng computer ang masipag (kung ang processor eh pentium 4 at ang memory eh above 512mb!)
  • QQ#3: on salary increase and workload, ang taong nagigipit, nagreresign (been there, done that!)
  • QQ#4: on timelines and cost factor, magkulang ka na sa timeline wag lang sa cost factor (in short, ok lang ang rush basta sulit ang bayad)
  • QQ#5: on report writing, pagkahaba-haba man ng (presentation) deck, sa redo pa rin ang tuloy (uhmm...uhmm...ilang beses nga ba to? hehe)
  • QQ#6: on promotion, AANHIN ANG PROMOTION KUNG WALANG SALARY ACTION!?! (papaabutin pa ba nyo to ng 3 months? aahh lokohan na to!)
  • QQ#7: on resignation, ang taong walang kibo, gumagawa na ng resig letter (kaya pala a month before eh tahimik ka ah!!!)
  • QQ#8: on resignation uli, ang nagreresign ay di nagwawagi. ang nagwawagi ay si *censored* (lurking lurkers...)
  • QQ#9: on office chismis, ang maniwala sa sabi-sabi, updated! (amen!)

dagdagan ko lang to ah. a few of my own:

  • QQ#10: pag ang diyosa ay umakyat, tiyak may memong kaakibat!
  • QQ#11: ang nalulunod sa trabaho, umuuwi ng alas singko (well hindi kasi katunog yung alas sais eh haha)
  • QQ#12: kapag stressed na sa trabaho, FARMTOWN!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

si kimmy at si dora

Last weekend, I was so much thankful that PGMA made Monday a holiday (for INC's Manalo's funeral). That way I'll be able to go to Araneta and line-up for the UAAP Cheerdance tickets. Even asked my dad to wake me up at 530am so that I'll make it to Araneta before 7. And after more than 3 hours of standing, standing, and standing still... naubusan ako ng ticket. Thanks to the hundreds or make that thousands of UAAP students lining up and getting my slot!!! Aargghh.

So instead of ranting the whole day, just decided to watch Kimmydora and laugh out my disgust. At syempre Gateway naman yun so medyo konti lang siguro ang manonood ng "jologs" na movie na to. But then again I'm a big fan of Eugene Domingo so ok lang manood ng "jologs" na movie na to. LOL. Tama ako, konti lang yung nanood. Less than half of the theater seats was occupied. Actually, I was occupying two seats since nalilift naman yugn armrest. Lazy boy na to! haha. So konti nga lang nga yung nanood. Well baka masyado pang maaga kasi first screening palang...or konti lang talaga kaming mga "jologs" na nasa Cubao that time. Nevertheless, yung hagalpakan naman ng mga tao can compensate the few theater-goers. In short, bentang benta yung mga lines nila.

At hindi lang sya basta comedy ah! May aral ka ding matututunan dito. Like:
  • kung ikaw ay may kakambal, at nagkataon na identical kayo, wag na wag mo syang tatawaging pangit. kasi sasaktan mo lang yung sarili mo. malamang kaya kayo identical kasi magkamukha kayo! kung pangit sya, eh di pangit ka din!
  • may mga linyang pang-Hollywood na hindi akma sa pinilakang tabing. lalo na kung hindi mo naman ka-waistline si Julia Roberts (and I quote "I'm just a girl FLOATING infront of a boy, asking him to love her *sabay labas ng dila*")
  • madalas daw na yung mga assistant ng mga bida sa movie eh mga pangit kaya sinasaktan at inuumbag-umbag lang sila ng bida. pero kung pangit ang bida, natural hindi nya masasaktan yung kapwa nya pangit na assistant. kaya pwede syang kumuha ng assistant na kamukha ni Miriam Quiambao at i-uppercut magdamag! infairness, ang galing ni Miriam dito ah! Best actress in a punching bag role!
  • at kung ang producer mo eh nagngangalang Piolo Pascual, aba eh makukuha mong waiter na extra yung mga kamukha lang naman ni Christian Bautista, Erik Santos, Vhong Navarro, etc. Bakit kaya wala si Sam dito?
  • bilog ang mundo! maaari ding sumikat ang mga askal gaya ni Mikky.
  • ok lang sa pinoy movies ang salitang pekpek lalong lalo na sa harap ni Regine to the tune of "peter piper picked a peck of pickled pekpek" *wait hanggang sa credits!!!*
  • at during presentations, when client asks you something at hindi mo alam ang sagot, you can always answer "I'll take a look at this. I will update you!" sa tonong nananakot. Tiyak extended ang final report due date! applicable to sa MR!

Overall, this is a winner! Eugene Domingo for Best Actress! woohoo!