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Monday, May 31, 2010

breathe hope

Baby Jon Angelo M. Viado is a brave 1-year & 8-month old boy suffering from Hypoxic Ischemic Encepalopathy (HIE). He is hooked to a mechanical ventilator 24/7 to help him breathe.  Please breathe into this dear little angel by helping us raise funds to buy his very own mechanical ventilator.

The "emblem" designed as breathe hops is inspired by the tracheostomy tube attached to the neck of baby Jon allowing entry of air and oxygen that goes into his lungs-this is for him to live.

You can add him up at his facebook account: http://www.facebook.com/jonangelo13
or at his foundation blog: http://jonangelo13.blogspot.com

Baby Jon Angelo somehow touched me even if I haven't seen him yet. So in my own way I would want to be of help.

You can place your orders in his facebook account or if you're within Ortigas and San Juan areas, you can course through your orders with me. Just in case you'd want to extend help, he's got a BPI account in his foundation blog.

Let's all help Baby Jon Angelo through BREATHE HOPE. And also, let's all include him in our prayers. I, personally, would want Baby Jon Angelo experience living a normal kid's life so all help will be greatly appreciated.

Please also spread the word to your families, workmates & colleagues, and friends.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

baby jon angelo

Last Friday, I came across @annecurtissmith's tweet regarding a H.O.P.E. bracelet. It drove my curiosity and I chose to open the link. Turned out it's a fund-raising drive for @babyJonAngelo who's diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy, G.E.R.D (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder) Seizure disorder, H.I.E. (Hypoxic Ischemic Encepalopathy). He's mechanically ventilated 24/7 at home. He's been confined at ICU for 123 days (March26 to July28). And did I mention that he's just about to turn to two?

Let me take this opportunity to knock on your hearts for Baby Jon Angelo. He needs our prayers. And he needs our help and assistance for his medical expenses. Please click on the link below for his Facebook account and website. Also, in his website can be found his BPI account in case you'd want to share financial assistance. Let's include Baby Jon Angelo in our prayers that he becomes better and live his life as normal as possible.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I woke up late on election day! Opened my eyes around 9am and by instinct opened up my TV. I was surprised seeing the news of long lines in the precincts. So I decided to go down and tell my ate that we needed to vote early. Lo and behold, they left me already! Grrr! And when I called her up, it was true. For the first time in my voting history, I will have to line up for hours. Hindi kakayanin ata ng convincing power ko ang makisingit today LOL.

Thank God I have patience this morning. If not, I would have decided to just let go of my right. Was prepared for battle with my fan, book, and Gatorade. Fortunately may nakausap din ako sa linya. Mrs. Doroin, SJA teacher, was behind me. I just can't believe that I waited in line for more than an hour and just spent 5 minutes for the actual voting process. For the love of my country...

So after 5 minutes or so, I got indelible ink in my right index finger. Masaya ako. Masaya ako kasi I know in my own little way I've contributed to change. Sana lang magbunga ang aking pagboto. Sa mga di pa nakakaboto...


why noy?

For the past 5 months I've been undecided on whom I would be voting for president. Among those running, I'm really considering on Noynoy. But his inexperience made me want to go abstain instead. But then again, I would not do so. This is my right and whatever decision I make, Noy or abstain, I will have to deal with it for the next six years. So what made me decide then?

I have no rebuttal on the issue of Noy not passing any laws during his 3 terms as congressman and half term as senator. I also can't defend him on his lack of experience in the executive department. These two issues are more than enough for an intelligent person to not even consider him as a candidate for the presidency. But what really made me chose him? I guess we shared the same drive on giving change to Filipinos. The 9 years of PGMA have been plagued with corruption. I don't need a law degree from Harvard to understand and confirm such acts. What I don't understand is why most Filipinos would choose to be deaf and blind sa garapalang panggagago ng administrasyon and sa garapalang pagharang ng mga kaalyado nya sa pagimbestiga sa mga kaso. And I don't want this to continue with the next administration. By voting someone who I'm thinking is the least likely to align with PGMA, I'm seeing change.  As a taxpayer and law-abiding citizen of this country, I would want to see PGMA pay for her corrupt practices. I'm thinking na pag totally nalusutan nya lahat ng mga kaso nya, baka yung mga susunod na presidente eh mas maging kumpyansa na mangurakot kasi nga kaya naman nila itong lusutan sa pamamagitan ng posisyon at tamang alyansa.

Sa usapin naman ng pagiging deserving in terms of track record and intelligence, hands down Gibo should be the president. Sabi nga nya, Galing at Talino. Yan si Gibo Teodoro. Ang sa akin lang, magaling din si PGMA. Matalino si PGMA. Pero anong ginawa ni PGMA? Yes I know it's unfair comparing him to PGMA in the first place. But the moment he accepted Lakas-Kampi's nomination, he'll always have PGMA's shadow lurking beside him. Actually, what turned me off from Gibo was during his first few interviews after his nomination. He specifically said that his administration will not prioritize investigation or at most papanagutin si PGMA. And that scared me a lot. And what scares me more now is having Gibo as president and PGMA as Prime Minister. Given PGMA's congressional run and a sure win, an ally in Malacanang, then Parliamentary change will really be easy. I've read an editorial just this week. And I would just want to quote it here coz I'm sharing the same sentiments with him. This is with regards to alliances with PGMA

Here too is where former Defense Secretary Gibo Teodoro falls exceedingly short of what Filipinos are looking for in their next leader. For how can he lead us when he does not even feel our pain, when he cannot even see the world as we do? How can he bring us to a better place if he does not even agree with us about where our country stands today? In Gibo Teodoro's eyes, the GMA administration is one to be proud of with a record he wishes to be judged on come Election Day. So be it.

And this is one of the main reasons why I'm not really keen on going green. I want to end PGMA's long extended stay in power. And I would want to help stop her plans of even extending that stay in a parliamentary form. How can I stop it if my president thinks otherwise. Let's say if Gibo didn't defect from NPC and still run for presidency, I might even consider him as my president. But for me, accepting PGMA's endorsement will be the start of his downfall.

As for Manny Villar, I'd rather keep my mouth shut. Hehe. Honestly, I think Loren Legarda is his downfall. =)

In a few hours, we will be casting our votes for the next president, vice-president, senators, congressmen, governors, vice-governors, board members, mayors, vice-mayors, and councilors. No matter the differences in our choices, let's respect each other. Let's just hope that who ever wins will give us real change. And who ever wins is the real choice of the majority of the Filipino people. Cliche as it may seem, I hope everyone will vote wisely.

I'm also not keen on voting for partylist. Sorry but I still can't grasp the idea of partylists. All I know is they should represent the marginalized sectors. But how can they represent these sectors if the nominees are former political figures. I totally despise Mikey Arroyo's role as the nominee of the partylist that is said to represent security guards. Can we just scrap off this partylist system for now until there is a clear definition on it. Bakit may partylist ang mga regional groups? (AKB, An Waray, etc.) Hindi ba dapat represented na sila ng mga congressmen nila? I just don't get it. But if I decide to vote, I will still go for CIBAC.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

adidas porsche design

Okay, almost everyone knows I'm a Nike addict. But once in a while I also scan through competition. This month, Adidas launched a new line of kicks: the Porsche design. I think there are about 6 designs from this line. And this one I'm having my eye on. Material is mesh-like. But price is on the expensive side. Sayang!