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Sunday, September 18, 2011


First time since I started watching THE UP PEP SQUAD at the UAAP Cheerdance Competition, I am sure that they have bagged the crown even if FEU and UST have yet to perform. It was mentioned before that if they deliver a flawless routine, God-willing, then they'll have it in the bag. And they did. The UP crowd went wild while those from the other schools fell into silence, awestruck perhaps? Nevertheless I think it was clear that the UP Pep meant business when they performed their Madonna-inspired routine. To the extent of dyeing their hair blonde. Again, "Ang PEP ng bayan" lived up to their monicker of being the pioneer of reinventions and creativity. New formations, tosses, partner stunts, and tumbles were introduced. One male pep was even lifted by another male pep, that's strength at its finest. Less gimmick, more athleticism. That's the secret formula of winning 1st place. Also, UP Pep Squad won the inaugural Group Stunts Competition beating out NU and FEU for the title. And to complete the Grand Slam, UP PEP Nesza Salvador won this year's Samsung Stunner. Way to go girl!

Here's the clearest video I've seen at youtube. Credit goes to the owner.

As for the rest of the teams, here's my take. Please note that reviews are based on what I've seen LIVE! Order of the teams is based on their final rankings.

DLSU ANIMO SQUAD:  I was really surprised when Boom Gonzales called them 1st runner-up. And I believe all schools, except DLSU of course, were surprised too. But then again, maybe the judges saw something that we didn't. For me, their routine was just okay. No toss nor pyramid was really memorable, well except the one time a girl was thrown really far. Just saw it in replay. Costume was okay, ala Robin Hood nga daw. But still, I think their 2nd place finish was questionable. PERSONAL RANK: 6th

FEU CHEERING SQUAD: I always consider FEU as the closest competitor there is for UP. UST has long lost its cheerdance dominance. And before the cheerdance hype even started, FEU has made it clear that they're in it for the crown this year. The start of their routine was really really strong. They lived up to their Indian theme. Their tosses were good, partner stunts were solid. But towards the end of their routine, you can see minor errors until the left side of their last major pyramid fell. That really costed them points and later on the championship. Nevertheless, my respect for them is still there and I know that next year, they'll give UP a good fight.  PERSONAL RANK: 3rd

UST SALINGGAWI DANCE TROUPE: UST has been known for their dominance at the UAAP CDC having won 8 titles, 5 of which are consecutive. But lately, they've been showing less eagerness to win by displaying below par routines by Salinggawi standards. This year was no difference. Yes, they can still dance, tumble, fly. But the WOW factor was not anymore present. It's as if they've been sending their team B to compete. And having the same fate as two years ago, they've been booted out once again from the Top 3. I hope UST SDT go back to their drawing boards and reflect how they did it 5 years in a row during the early 2000.  PERSONAL RANK: 4th

ADAMSON PEP SQUAD:  Adamson was first to perform and they wasted 6 minutes of our time. I dunno whatever happened to the dark horse that is Adamson during the early 2000. They've been knocking on the Top 3 doors every so often and even managed to crack in one time. But the past 3 or 4 years, they've been giving us unimpressive routines. Yesterday's routine was completely forgettable. I just hope they've put back their signature carousel throw. That may bring back the glory days to their school.  PERSONAL RANK: 7th

NU PEP SQUAD:  Since Henry Sy bought this school, funds went in just to modernize everything including their Pep. Seeing their costumes, ala Rodeo, you know that they were there to win. But costumes are not everything there is to bag the crown. You need to have the skills. And they showed us skills. NU has improved tremendously by giving us a near flawless routine, fast transitions from one pyramid to another, and the skyhigh throws. That's why we were really surprised that they didn't even place. When FEU was called 3rd place, we were already shouting NU for 2nd. FEU even joined us in cheering for them. But we were wrong. I hope NU again show us next year that they are the dark horse to enter the Top 3.  PERSONAL RANK: 2nd

ATENEO BLUE BABBLE BATTALION:  Ateneo has shown us that they can beat anyone if they put their hearts into it. This year they had a good concept, even if they shared it with FEU. But they failed to sustain it all throughout their routine. But I really like two parts of it, one was the A formation. It was really cool. Then the magic carpet ride. It brought back memories to their 2009 routine when they did the moonwalk. Personally, I still think they were better than DLSU.  PERSONAL RANK: 5th

UE PEP SQUAD:  Completely forgettable.  PERSONAL RANK: 8th

Again, these are just my personal opinions based on what I've seen live. I just hope that next year all schools will level up one notch or more so that they can give us a really good show.

And I would just like to thank all the schools who cheered for UP after they were announced winners. Yes, even UST was cheering for us and even sang UNIBERSIDAD on our behalf. In return, UP cheered GO USTE. It was really heartwarming seeing all schools satisfied with the results. Thanks guys!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


In a few hours all roads will lead to Araneta Coliseum for the annual UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Squads from the 8 member schools will cheer, dance, tumble, and fly for the much coveted title. And this year, defending champions (and heavy favorites ehem!) UP pep Squad goes BLACK for Back2Back!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hashbrown Burger?

Looks promising... Filling! I must say this gives us better value for money than KFC's Tower Burger.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Canon 3-Day Sale

Gonna check on the lenses. Gotta get ready for the UAAP Cheerdance!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Stores For 2011

Need to visit these soon...