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Thursday, June 17, 2010

big boy jon-jon's 2nd gift

This entry is a continuation of my blog entry  "a meaningful independence day". So we got to visit Breathe Hope baby Jon Angelo (I know I promised not to call him baby since big boy na sya) last Independence Day. Mommy Tet surprised me with a footprinted thank you picture of Jon-Jon. But the surprise didn't stop there. I got a PM at facebook from Daddy Joni asking me of my address. Turned out he'll be sending us (yes you! betch, mitch, and sab) limited edition newport Breathe Hope bracelets. WOW!

And here is my collection of Newports!

nike-adidas sale @ megatrade

Pwede pa kayong humabol...

Monday, June 14, 2010

a meaningful independence day

While PGMA spent P10,000,000 for the Independence Day celebration, we chose to visit our angel on Independence Day. It was really planned weeks before that I'll visit baby Jon-Jon. But then some of those who said yes before suddenly backed out for different reasons. Anyways, I told myself that I'll still go kahit ako lang mag-isa. Thank God (takot ako mawala) Sab and Mitch said yes. And the last minute, Betchay tagged along.

The plan was, I'll be meeting Mitch and Betch at McDo Philcoa then we'll meet Sab at McDo Tandang Sora. But Mitch's cab chose to pass by Katipunan kaya natraffic so we shifted to plan B. Met them at McDo Tandang Sora na lang. Looking for Sta. Lucia street was hard. But the Rosalia Compound signage was easy to locate thanks to Sab.

At first, nahiya kami kasi parang kami nga lang bisita. Eh likas pa naman kaming mahiyain LOL. Anyways, we finally met Mommy Tet and Daddy Joni. In just minutes, palagay na agad kami sa kanila. It's as if we've known each other for some time. Then there he was, in an airconditioned room. Ang nasabi ko lang eh... Woah! Ang puti pala talaga ni Baby Jon! hehe

Things to remember when visiting baby Jon: First, please take a bath. Para naman mabango tayo pag lalapit kay Baby Jon. Baka biglang ma-allergy eh. Then pagpasok ng room you need to wear lab gown/dress. Don't forget to wash your hands before humawak kay Baby Jon para naman safe sya. If you'll be bringing cameras, please don't forget to turn off the flash. Nagugulat kasi sya sa sudden flash. Please don't kiss him if may sipon or ubo kayo. Please please no no. Please observe these para naman safe din si Baby Jon.

Honestly, when Mommy Tet let us watch Baby Jon's video, I was fighting back my tears. Told myself I won't show them any tear. Hindi dapat iniiyakan ang case ni baby Jon. Dapat pa nga tayong ma-inspire coz he's fighting. He's not giving up. Mommy Tet and Daddy Joni aren't giving up too. Dun ako lalong natouch. After hearing what they've gone through the past year, I've told myself that I won't give up also on my personal struggles. Sobrang babaw pa nga nun compared to what they are experiencing. And I promised this to myself, no matter what happens, I'll always find time for Baby Jon Jon. Coz he inspired me to become a better person even without him knowing.

In return, I'll actively campaign for Breathe Hope. I'll continue spreading the message and Baby Jon's story. I won't stop until he finally can breathe on his own without the tubes. He taught me not to give up on hope. And I won't! In His time I know Baby Jon will be healed completely.

So guys, please spread Breathe Hope to your families, in your workplace, in every way you could.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

this is for you baby jon

Ayan may cake na! Ano pa bang pwede? hehe.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

chef kaloyster

My very own spicy tuna eggplant spaghetti. Ingredients are tuna, eggplant, spaghetti, and some secret spices. Figure that out! LOL