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Sunday, August 31, 2008

whatta week

Hindi naman ako doctor na On-Call. Hindi rin ako 7-11 na Open 24 hours.

Holiday! HOLIDAY!!!

I understand the gravity of the situation. But please. PLEASE!

Now I understand why. Sya din pala ang rason. Thanks for the free lunch. Sana next wednesday badtrip ka ulit.

The second consecutive week na hindi ako nakapag St. Jude. Thanks to you! And you left us?!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! Why do you keep on ganging up on people! In time, mag-isa ka na lang promise! Thank God I got a visit after office. Nawala kahit papano yung inis ko! At salamat din hindi nagring phone ko! Paranoid! Buti na lang Nike sale! FUCK!!! That took the breath out of me. 6 digits na? BANKRUPT!

Time to meet the friends. Small world, Johnites?! Sabi nang hindi ako kumakanta eh! Ok lang na sukahan mo bago kong sapatos. Thanks for being honest. But I ain't sure if that's better than you hiding the truth from me. Nonetheless, I'm sticking with 081608.

Funny. You should have told me na hindi ka Catholic. My fault! Sinabi nang Bahrainian eh! Confirmed! Officially a Catholic now. Paranoia striked again. TRUST. Happy. Again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

tagaytay zipline

Last Saturday, I was fortunate to be back to Tagaytay. There were no real plans of going up not until Friday night. And so we went.

By Saturday morning, I texted a couple of friends to ask where we could take a ride going to Tagaytay. Yeah I know the terminal in Taft and in Pasay. But I needed one that would pass by SLEX. I've been wanting to stopover to Paseo de Sta Rosa for two reasons. One, I haven't visited Starbucks there yet. Just another branch to add to my collection. And two, Nike Park outlet store. So we took a van in Buendia Taft that fortunately passed SLEX. And by the sight of Paseo de Sta Rosa an hour after...I shouted "PARA"! All excitedly.

There weren't a lot really in that particular outlet store. Mas madami pa yung asa Libis. But at least I tried. Been wanting to buy a bag for the longest time (two months na since I bought a new one, LOL). After having my usual frappe dose in Starbucks, we started to feel the problem. No van or bus passes by Paseo de Sta. Rosa going to Tagaytay. There were jeeps but at that point we were told na sasabit na kami since malayo din yung terminal and punuan sya. So we took a tryk going to Balibago which was on the opposite side of SLEX! It was like a 30 minute ride. Then at Balibago terminal we took a jeep going to Tagaytay market, another hour ride. So there goes our morning. We reached Tagaytay before 2pm...starving.

After we had lunch at Carlo's Pizza, we headed to Picnic Grove. For the lack of idea of new places to go to Tagaytay! If I were to decide, I could just spent the time over at the newly renovated Starbucks Tagaytay. But I didn't want to spoil the trip so we went on. Dami pa rin tao kahit off-season. And what was new was the cable cars and zip lines installed. And I had no plans of trying. Pucha bangin yung babagsakan ko pag nagkataon. So I settled watching the people zipping through the ravines. And having a scare when one zip got stacked in the middle until rescued by a guy from the other side...by hand.

the zip line

the cable car

one guy zippin'

To sum it all up, our travel time took longer that the time we stayed at Tagaytay. There will always be a next time though. Hopefully, the Pagudpud trip pushes through!

Ooohhh. Thanks! Katas ng Timezone! Damn I'm working on to get that gold card! 3500 to go. LOL

Sunday, August 17, 2008


a day to remember...

a date to CELEBRATE!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Psychics and Feng Shui experts were looking forward to yesterday's date. 888, triple 8. If you rotate that figure 90 degrees you'll get infinity. As statisticians, we were made to understand the essence of infinity. Endless, boundless, unlimited, parang iced tea.

Seriously, many were looking forward to yesterday's date due to the boundless luck it would bring. I had a friend who was planning to wed that time. Dunno what happened but it was moved to end of this year. Even Sharon Cuneta joined the bandwagon and held her 30th anniversary concert yesterday at Araneta.

As for me, well I just completed the olympic edition of the Mcdo Happy Meal. Damn, was I lucky!

And did I say green was our favorite color? Just to make things clear, we didn't plan this.

As for my date last night? Well let's see if triple 8 indeed brings good luck. LOL

Thursday, August 7, 2008

sunog! sunog! sunog sa FX!

Last week hindi ako nakapagmass sa St. Jude. Thanks to Galaxy coz 1am na kami natapos gumawa ng weights. Valid naman yung rason diba? hehe

So Thursday na naman. Hindi na pwede magOT. Hindi pwedeng makamiss ulit. Nag-extend lang ako ng mga 1.5 hours then umalis na ako by 7pm. I'm trying to catch the 8pm mass. Dunno pero nagiging maantukin talaga ako pag nagtatravel. May it be bus, FX, or even cab. So, activated my *ahem* bluetooth headset and started listening to Amy Winehouse. Ayun, pampaantok ko. I may be unconscious, but subconsciously eh aware pa rin naman ako kahit konti sa nangyayari. Basta ramdam ko uminit. Gusto ko na ngang pagsabihan yung katabi ko na wag madamot sa aircon. Then when we reached Toyota Shaw, nagising me nung biglang gumilid yung FX ng biglaan. Pagdilat ko ng mata ko aba nagbababaan sila. Syempre ayoko mahuli sa uso kaya bumaba na rin ako without knowing what happened. Nung nakababa na ako sakto! Umusok ang FX. Overheat ata pero sobra yung amoy sunog eh. Tumakbo pa nga sila palayo kasi akala nila sasabog. Badtrip talaga. Kung kelan nagmamadali, kung kelan late na sa mass, kung kelan nasa kasarapan ng tulog while having Love Is A Losing Game playing at the background. Haay. Good thing hindi ako nalate sa mass. Naabutan ko pa yung novena ng 7pm mass. Ayun. Pakiramdam ko may halo na naman ako. Sarap!