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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

an afternoon with Jon Angelo

My first visit to big boy Jon Angelo was during Independence Day. It was the first time I interacted with the miracle big boy. Next was on my birthday eve while he was admitted at the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center. Those are June and July in the attendance sheet. So I won't let August pass by without seeing him.

Even if my colleagues backed out the last minute, I still pushed through to Tandang Sora just to see Jon Angelo. Seeing big boy again is refreshing. He's like an oasis in the desert. Even if he's just lying there in his hospital bed, you'd feel his presence. And just staring at him makes me smile and wonder how strong big boy is. He's my idol.

It's just weird that in my last three visits (including this one), big boy is sleeping. Not getting any luck of playing with him. So instead Tet and Joni got me preoccupied with stories from Tet's Fanneatics gigs to big boy's series of seizures lately. Right then and there it happened. Jon Angelo suddenly moved, opened his eyes then his arms started to shake a bit. I was told that he was having a seizure again. At that point I was a bit scared since I know that seizures mean there's not enough oxygen entering the brain. And that's bad. And I wasn't ready to witness it. But they assured me that it's not that serious really. Neuro said that seizures of more than a minute are the more serious episodes which might damage the brain. Jon's seizures usually last about 6 seconds. I got my consciousness back.

On a lighter note, there are big plans for Breathe Hope. Given that the Breathe Hope bracelet was a success, they will follow it through with the release of the Breathe Hope shirts which I'm positive that will also be a big hit. Rai Mata, a big supporter of big boy, is also planning a fun run entitled RUN FOR HOPE to be held this September 12 at Camp Aguinaldo. Hope more and more people will show their support and help breathe hope into Jon Angelo so that he'll be given a chance to experience a normal life.

And I saved the BEST for last. Finally, big boy will have his very own mechanical ventilator. Thanks to everyone who supported Breathe Hope. This is just the start. Let's continue breathing hope for big boy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

congrats stat

Saturday, August 7, 2010

timezone addiction

If there is one station in Timezone that I won't let pass, that's the shooting range. Everytime I visit Glorietta, I make it a point to shoot several hoops here. It was a long drought for 2010. Not until I shot 532 in Timezone Galleria. Not a career-high but a season-high all the same. LOL

Next to the hoops, I like trying my luck at the stuff toy section wherein you try to transfer the toys to the receiving bin. And if you do, then the toy's yours. Now, this bear is my biggest prize to date. Will reserve this to someone special that would come along. LOL

And after three years, I think, I finally qualified for the Timezone Gold Card. That's 5000 accumulated peso balance. Next stop...PLATINUM!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Based on the long-running and highly successful Namco video game franchise of the same name. TEKKEN is a high-octane, action-packed thriller.

Set in 2039, the story revolves on an amateur fighter, Jin, who seek revenge for his mother's death under the hands of the Tekken masters. On the process learning that the person he was seeking revenge to is his father.

Oyster's rating; 3.5 tickets
Okay I'm kinda bias since this is the only arcade game that I actually play. =)

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