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Friday, May 29, 2009

kaloyster just got POON'ed

Never liked standards. Not until I heard Poon, and sometimes Sitti. So, even if some officemates raised their brows, me and Ariane still chose to get POON'ed this early evening at Megamall. And it did pay off, I think. Some of the POON moments...

Syempre di ko na pinalagpas ang magpa-autograph. Now, collector's item na to. Dapat lang sumikat ng sumikat si RP. Shie shie.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


So I had my series of lower back pains, upper back pains, shoulder pains, and neck pains. It's been two years since I had my back examined and the ortho said I have a mild scoliosis. Not really surprised since scoliosis runs in the family. And mild plays to the angle of just 10 degrees, or less. Not really worth a serious therapy. Doc just told me to have a regular exercise regimen, or at least stretch out by playing badminton or swimming.

And so after two years, my back started to become a problem again. So I had a thoracolumbar X-ray just to clear out everything. And the result says...

The thoracic and encompassed lumbar spine exhibit lateral convexities as follow:

LEVEL Convexity towards Degrees
T1-T7 left 14 degrees
T7-T12 right 7 degrees
T12-L3 left 7 degrees

The vertebral bodies exhibit normal height and no apparent listhesis.
The disc spaces are maintained normal
The visualized pedicles and posterior spinal elements appear unmarred.

Thoracolumbar levo-dextro-levoscoliosis as described.

Uhmmm...doktora? HELP! hehe

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's been 2 months, I think, since my old wallet ate up my driver's license's pic. So basically was driving (on Sundays) with a license without a face. I tried to have it replaced but LTO wouldn't allow me since it's only a few months na lang before I'm due to renew. (FYI: You can have your license renewed 2 months before it expires). Ang sabi ni ateng mabait, and I quote: "Sir, wag ka na lang po papahuli...". And that was the best advice I've received for 2009!!!

Finally, come May 20, I had renewed my license. Once again, I can see my face in my ID!

So how do you get to renew your license?

  • go to the nearest lto renewal office - MRT Ayala Station, SM Megamall Bldg A, Farmers Plaza, etc.
  • make sure your license expiry is within two months from the day you plan to renew
  • bring a photocopy of a valid ID (front and back)
  • approach the license evaluator counter with your old license and he/she will be 'evaluating' whether you're entitled for renewal (see first bullet)
  • he/she will be giving you a form to fill up and you'll be directed to the medical and drug testing clinic
  • in the clinic, you'll be asked to fill up several forms, get your urine sample (for drug testing), and have a doctor evaluate whether you're fit to drive (eye check, BP check, etc.). and by the way, this will cost you P400.
  • after getting your med cert, you'll have to go back to the license evaluator to submit the filled-up forms including your med cert and id photocopy.
  • then get ready for your mug shot (make sure you've retouched already para di ka magmukhang magpapa 5-6 gaya nung pic sa taas!). also, lakihan ang pirma kasi sobrang liit nya ngayon pag lumabas sa ID.
  • renewal will cost you P417.63. bring coins kasi walang tigpipiso ang cashier. for late renewal, there's a corresponding penalty depending on how late you were.
  • presto, you 'll be getting your license after 10 minutes (or less I think).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

better than visa

bus going to Lingayen - P400++
rented jeep going to Alaminos - P1000
entrance to Hundred Islands - P20/head
set of snorkel and life vests - P150/piece
kayak - P250/hour
bus going to Bolinao - P80
super sarap na chiffon with yema icing - P6/slice
tricycle going to brgy. Patar - P150
Pearl's Sea-Breeze overnight accommodation for 8pax - P2000
transpo to white sand beach and going back to bayan - P250 + P100 tip
bus going back to Cubao - P408
Starbucks grande frappe - P145

the perfect sunset.....................................PRICELESS!