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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the EK trip

Finally, the Enchanted Kingdom trip pushed through. It was a well-deserved break for all of us. Sayang mas pinili ni Dad yung isa kesa samin. Grrr!!! Pero ok na din. Saya naman eh.

Small world. Saw Mam Peth sa EK. Then after an hour, si Julien naman sa Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Mga taga-PSRC talaga GALA! whehehe.

BeRKS' xmas party 2008

December 20, 2008
Loca's MANSION! woohoo

So the annual BeRKS' Christmas party pushed through sa newly renovated Locayon mansion. Actually this was a treat from the November, December, and January celebrants. Astig kasi sila sila (konti lang ako) din yung nagluto. From the white sauce pasta to the pasta prep. At ang fave kong refrigerator cake. Woohoo! Thanks Mommy Chummy for the Starbucks GC. hehe. Sobrang saya kahit na andaming wala. At syempre ang cute cute ni baby Reign kahit na mukhang nabales hehe. Sa susunod ulit. Kaso mukhang matatagalan pa since nagtreat na yung January. Hmm... Pwede namang umulit! hehe.

mega B xmas party 2008

December 19, 2008
4/F PSRC Main building

This was the first time, hopefully not the last hehe, that Stat was invited to Mega B's christmas party. It was a videoke slash Wii party. Syempre out of place ako dun sa dalawa. I don't sing, uhmmm I don't sing with mic, and I don't play Wii. Funny lang kasi lokong loko sila sa Wii lalo na si Anj na boksingera palang talaga. PACQUIAO! hehe.

Anyways, it was fun seeing you guys in a different scene. Hindi na puro request whehehe. Thanks pala April for the Starbucks GC.

PSRC xmas party 2008

Finally! Nakapagpost din hehe.

Last December 18, 2008, we had our year-end party at the 41st floor of the Discovery Suites. The theme was Asian Inspired. Mega A was China also known as the upper class (ABC1), Mega B was Vietnam or the lower class (DE), Stat-Qual-IT-Marketing were Korea otherwise known as the middle class (C2) hehe, Main as Japan, and Samat as Thailand. We had our respective presentations na hindi naman halatang pinaghandaan haha. At the end of the night, the Chinese won 1st place, the Vietnamese 2nd place, and the Koreanovela stars third place *applause*.

So in behalf of the Koreans, I'd like to thank our sponsors, San Mig Light for my confidence during my solo dance routine, and Samsung for our winning props. LOL

Some pics...

For our presentation in video, please visit my Multiply site...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry ba ang christmas nyo?

Taon taon eh inaabangan ang Christmas text greetings ko. Sige na, wag na kayong mahiya. Aminin nyo na! hahaha. You can check my 2007 Christmas greetings in the archive. For this year medyo hindi ako inspired eh. Pano kulang sa oras. Kasalanan ni Gloria. Nagpapasok pa kasi sya ng 24 kaya kulang preparations ko. Hirap pa namang mag-isip pag wala sa MRT hehe.

Kaya I've decided to join the bandwagon of the Twilighteers. haha

BREAKING DAWN is like a NEW MOON appearing after an ECLIPSE which leaves everyone in a state of TWILIGHT.

-whatever this means, I really don't care. I just hope you get to enjoy the HOLIDAYS. Watch your weight. =)

Oh and by the way, I'm still accepting gifts until the 31st. Haha
Merry Christmas! =)

Happy Holidays y'all...

misa de gallo - wrap-up

Day 6
I've decided na hindi na ako matutulog. Past 2am na ako nakauwi from the BeRKS' Xmas party. Pag natulog ako, baka magtuluy-tuloy na. So nagsurf na lang ako from 2am til 4am. Nakauwi na sila ate so may kasabay na ulit ako. Pero, uuwi na rin silang Bacolod kaya mag-isa na naman ako kinabukasan.

Day 7 & 8
Three masses in one day. Whew! Hindi kaya ako lumagpas nito sa langit? First, simbang gabi sa Sanctuario del Sto. Cristo. Ako na lang ulit mag-isa pero I'm still determined to finish the nine day novena. Then Thanksgiving Mass sa office. Dapat hindi na ako aattend kaso umabot eh. hehe. Sarap ng food. Syempre nakadami ako sa favorite kong puto-bumbong.

Then, nag-anticipated mass ako nung gabi for Day 8. Hindi na kasi nakukumpleto tulog ko. On the average eh 3 hours na lang. Hirap ng insomniac. haay

Day 9
Sa hinaba-haba man daw ng prusisyon, sa kama pa rin ang tuloy. After 8 days, ayun, hindi ako nagising para sa last day! Sweet! Sabi pa ng Dad ko "kanina pa nga tunog ng tunog cellphone mo". Ayun naman. Kaso hindi nya pa rin ako ginising. Sweet! So, better luck next year...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

misa de gallo - day five

Today was the first day that I'll attend the Aguinaldo masses alone. Wala si ate. Nagcheck-in whehehe. Weird pero naghotel ang bagong mag-asawa. Yaman talaga!

So ayun, I'm all by myself kanina. Pero ayos lang. I'm determined to finish the simbang gabi.

So party na naman tonight. This time sa BeRKS Xmas party naman. Our annual Christmas get-together. I'm sure enjoy na naman to kasi mabibinyagan na namin ang bagong mansyon ni Loca. Again, details to follow once I get hold of the pics. hehe.

misa de gallo - day four

Let's just say Carpintero is back for good. Five more days of enduring his vocals. I think I can manage though. Tuwing Pasko ko lang naman sya naririnig eh hehe. Though the lack of sleep is starting to hit me.

Got home at around past 1 am already from the PSRC Christmas Party (details to follow). Needed to wake up at 4am for the simbang gabi. Then I slept again once I reached home. Woke up around 11am. So syempre halfday na yun. Tapos may party ulit kinagabihan. This time for Mega B naman. Videoke and Wii party. Details to follow once I get hold of the pictures. hehe.

misa de gallo - day three

So the long wait was over. While on our way to Sanctuario de Sto. Cristo, a familiar voice was heard. We can't be mistaken. Hahaha. And we're right. Carpintero was back. He was standing infront as usual, with his own mic and singing as if it was his concerto. So here I am going to criticize him again. It's been a year since I've seen him. He still sings his lungs out. Actually, no need for the choir since his voice (with a mic of course) out-volumes the voices of the choir members. But sometimes, it amazes me watching him. Yung buka ng bibig nya eh di tumutugma dun sa lyrics. And yet he holds a copy of the songs. Weird.

'Nuff said. So the PSRC Christmas party was held on day three. Details will be posted as soon as I get a copy of my video! Haha. Thanks San Mig Light!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

misa de gallo - day two

Still no Carpintero. Really really weird. First time since my college days that I haven't heard his voice singing as we enter the church. Makes me think now if everything's alright with him. Not that I'm missing him. Just felt weird.

So what else happened today?
  • came late sa status meeting. nasanay lang na di na kami sinasama
  • nagbunutan. ok na sana eh. kaso nag-ulitan. parusa!
  • sobrang daming work! nababaon ako.
  • i'm beginning to question the need for a consultant. really, is it worth it if i'll be doing everything?
  • finally, got my party outfit for tomorrow night. make me korean. or at least korean-indian.
  • oh and by the way, thanks thanks Claire and Ate Gina2 for the gifts. nahiya tuloy ako taghirap ako ngayon. so wala na munang fortune bamboo plant nor the xmas mug for this year. tagtuyot talaga. anyways, i'm still accepting gifts until the 24th. haha

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

misa de gallo - day one

This morning marked the start of simbang gabi. So nine days of getting up at 4am, beating the cold, and staying awake while listening to mass and Carpintero's singing. But I was surprised that he wasn't there. Thank God! Anyways, I thought this would start off good. But then again, I may be asking a lot. So what really happened?
  • a dead body was found several blocks away from our place. turned out he was a salvage victim. gandang pampabwenas sa umaga at umpisa ng simbang gabi
  • got an upset stomach which made it hard for me to concentrate during the mass
  • i was not feeling well the whole day. just wanted to go home and catch some snooze
  • got irritated with an officemate. really irritated which tested my patience and made me text him/her statements just to signify my irritation. just wished he/she would take it as a wake-up call.
  • took me 45minutes and 100 bucks to travel from OMM to main. traffic sucks!

Oh and by the way, just came from greenhills. Did some gift hunting for the kiddos. Still lacking some for the oldies. haaay. The downside of having a limited budget. Thanks to the abolition of Christmas bonus! Not fun really.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

first gift for xmas 2008

Special thanks to my very good friend, officemate, sister, etc. Rhuena Suarez for giving me my very first 2008 Christmas gift straight from New Zealand. WAHOO!!! *yum*

So yung iba dyan na nag-iisip pa ng christmas gift for me, kindly wait for my Christmas wishlist. To be posted soon here in my blog. *kapal*

Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 UP stat alumni homecoming

Last December 6, all roads (for Stat alumni that is) lead to the UP Bahay ng Alumni for the UP School of Statistics Alumni Homecoming. And as usual, we were late. Thanks to our addiction to Timezone and the movie Four Christmases. Personally, I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to watch UP Pep. I was literally running from the parking space of the venue towards the front steps of the Bahay ng Alumni. But to no avail, we were late. Really late. AARRRGGGHH!

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the night, Seeing familiar faces, even faces I'd rather not see. Nyahaha. Seriously, it was nice seeing people from the HIGHER BATCHES haha!

I just have a few angst, other than not seeing my beloved PEP. First, well we didn't win any prize from the raffle. Sayang yung SAS license worth 100k! Pwede na ding ibenta yun haha! The food was stale (even the iced tea na lasang gulaman), hindi pa nirefill so hindi nakatikim ng pasta yung iba. Pero masarap yung leche flan! At yang pledge na yan! Grrr! hahaha. Hindi kami prepared. Di sana nakapagwithdraw kami ng mas malaki. *joke lang *

And syempre, ang sakit pa din ng baba ko Rosalia! Para akong in-uppercut. Yun nga lang ulo ang ginamit! Waaah!

Here are some pichurs (especially with the higher batch hehe).

Pero ang pinaka-enjoy eh yung inuman session after. Thanks Carsh, Sab, and Char (not to be confused with Cher, the singer). Sobrang no-holds-barred Q&A sating lahat. Sa uulitin.

more of sally's shower

Monday, December 1, 2008

sally's bridal shower

Last night, we threw Sally a bridal shower. Syempre thanks kay Carsha and Tcher Bex for planning and coordinating. Success! Lalo na benta ang gift namin ni Chummy and Intiang hehe. Sinong nagsabing wholesome si Sally?! hehe

At papahuli ba naman ang CHAR?! (don't confuse her with Cher the singer! Haha)

impromptu timog gimik

Last Saturday also, we went to the wake of Peter's lolo in San Juan. Sab, Chummy, Miko, and myself. Afterwhich eh nagkayayaang magdinner sa Timog. Originally, gustong uminom ni Miko. Eh kaso mga kj kasama nya kaya nauwi lang sa dinner at dessert. At syempre, benta pa rin si Chummy, as usual. =)

Dinner lang sa Iceberg's sa Timog...

Then dessert sa may Morato dun sa bagong arcade dun tapat lang ng Burgoo...

And totoo to. Walang kamalay-malay si Chummy na lumipat na kami ng table. Nagtatawanan na nga yung mga nasa ibang table kasi sya busy sa table na natutulog. Ganyan nga siguro pag pamilyado na! haha. Mishu chummyto!

BA2555 091

Nike gym premium small duffle...

Nyahaha. Yung title ng post ko eh yung SKU code ng bag na hinahanap ko. Pero black and gray ang color. Kaso nalibot at natawagan ko na lahat ng Nike Park, Stadium, and Forums dito sa Metro Manila kaso wala na daw sila. Badtrip talaga! So ano pa nga ba! Syempre hindi pwedeng wala. Kaya I settled with...

Syempre may story yan. Ilang araw na nga akong naglibot kung saang-saang Nike outlet makabili lang nung hinahanap kong bag. So nung saturday eh nakarating ako sa Eastwood baka kasi meron dun sa outlet store dun. Kaso wala din! So napagdecidan kong kumain na lang sa Fazoli's. Bringing back the memories ang drama ko. Namiss ko tong Fazoli's kasi dito kami minsang naglalunch nung college kahit na may klase kami ng 1pm! Haha. Walang pakialam sa klase kaya nakakapaglunch sa Libis. Buti na lang mayayaman ang mga kaibigan ko (thanks pala Cla and Locs sa rides dati whehehe) kaya accessible ang Libis from UP. So ano ba ang dinadayo namin dito. Syempre yung unlimited garlic bread nila! Yumyum!

Pero syempre di dyan natatapos ang kwento ko. So wala nga akong nabili sa Eastwood kaya diretso na akong Makati. I checked the bag (pic above) kung available pa kasi yun yung second choice ko. Actually 3rd choice pala. Yung 2nd choice kasi di ko na pinagisipan. Way above my budget pala yun haha. Pag dating ko sa Nike Stadium eh isa na lang daw yun. Eh hindi nga ako bumibili ng naka display na so hiningi ko number sa Rockwell para icheck kung may stock pa dun. Medyo sumimangot yung nag-assist sakin. Tapos biglang kinuha yung bag kasi nagiinventory pala sila. Ayun, wala na daw ganun sa Rockwell kaya check ulit ako nung SKU code nung orig bag na gusto ko baka kasi magmilagro. Kaso wala pa din. Eh may milagro nga! Pagbalik nung lalake sa bag from inventory eh may tag na! 20% discount! Hahaha. Kung siniswerte ka ba naman. Tinanong ko kung magkano na yung discounted price. Biglang sabi nung nasa cashier dun sa lalake "bakit kasi nilagay mo agad yung tag!". Haha. So in short, naka-isa ako! Hahaha! Kaya eto, bago na naman bag ko. Hopefully this will be the last...for 2008! Haha!

twilight premiere

Special thanks to my very very good friend Carsha (ayan sa susunod ulit ah! hehe) for giving me her spare Twilight premier tix the last minute. Syempre pag kaladkarin ka kahit literally the last minute eh open sa change of plans hehe. Ayun nga, last Tuesday we got to watch the much awaited Twilight at Rockwell. It's a good thing I have read the book before this movie kaya medyo hindi ako nahirapang intindihin wehehe. And I highly recommend this kahit dun sa mga hindi nagbabasa. Sa katunayan eh nanood ulit ako today. At hindi ako nabore ulit. Ang plano ko nga eh bibili ako ng pirated DVD nito kesa naman ulit ulitin ko sa sine. Sayang ang 150! Haha. Ayoko magkwento kawawa naman yung mga masusugid kong mambabasa na hindi pa nakakapanood. Pero trust me, vampire si Edward! hahaha

Sa mga characters naman, nung una ayaw ko kay Robert Pattinson pero after watching the movie again, pwede na pala syang Edward. Si Bella naman ok na sya sakin. Though at first iba yung iniisip kong itsura ni Bella. I thought nerdy sya. Ang nagswak lang sakin talaga eh si Alice, Emmett, Carlisle, and Charlie. Ayun! hehe. Kaya nood na kayo! At sa mga nakanood na, nood ulit tayo!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

last boy's wish

Another video that made me teary-eyed. And hindi sya movie ah. He really did leave quite a legacy. =)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

recent addiction

I'm an addict! And my recent addiction, besides shooting hoops, collecting stuff toys from Timezone. And yes, for just 16 bucks, you can win one Hello Kitty. And I'll have a Merry Christmas kasi may mga pangregalo na ako. To date, I collected 6 already, including the 4 I won yesterday at Galleria over lunch. I guess I'll be frequent that branch from now on. I have no luck at G4. Darn!

Friday, November 21, 2008

stat-IT bonding for november

C2, Shangri-La Plaza
November 14, 2008

(see my toothless smile, pati na yung makulit na bata sa likod namin. sarap pingutin! haha)

AOP 2009

PSRC's Annual Operations Planning 2009
Anvaya Cove, Bataan
November 6-8, 2008

(sorry for the delay, as if inaabangan sya haha)

2009 planner in 10 days

After 10 days of sleepless nights due to caffeine overload, I finally got my 2009 Starbucks planner last Nov. 13 (sorry for the late post, medyo wala sa mood eh). Sabi ko nga sa previous post ko na medyo hindi ko sya gusto pero collect pa rin syempre.

Maraming salamat sa mga nauto ko para sa stickers: Mitch, Karla, and Sab. Bakit ganun? Last year andaming mababait na namigay sakin ng sticker? Ngayon kumonti na. Wag magmadamot guys! May 2nd planner pa akong binubuno para sa kapatid ko. Haay. Kape kape kape!!!

iron man @ BK

Pag napadaan kayo sa Burger King, try ordering the iron man meal and you'll get a free vcd of the movie. Not bad for the price of P150, you'll get a full meal and a free movie. =)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

of stress, loyalty, and commitment

I've been so much stressed out this past week. I say the last quarter stretch has been so stressful. Projects tend to come by bulk. Dagdagan mo pa yung lintek na project na hindi na ata naubusan ng problema (now eto na yung inaantay mo Mike haha)! How I wonder if this was sent to global, will we be in so much stress? Sino ba kasi ang mapilit na gawing local ang analysis? *pointing fingers to whom??*

I'm not really in the mood to rant in detail. All I wanna say is that...


Nakakatawa. Just heard mass at St. Jude and yet here I am, ranting. Bawi nga ako. Sabi sa Holy Gospel...

hehe. biro lang. Pero sa homily ni Father Rocky (hope I get his name right) eh nabanggit yung difference ng loyalty and commitment. Sabi nya kasi na from the Holy Gospel today, Jesus said na upon his arrival eh magkakahati-hati ang mga tao, which is true. Coz some people believed that He was the Messiah while some did not. So san pumasok yung loyalty and commitment sa story? Ewan ko. Basta ang sabi nya lang na it's all about choice. When Jesus came, we have the choice to be good or be bad. We choose to commit to Him with all our heart. With all our life. Just like in relationships (yeah, example to ni Father at hindi galing sakin!), some people promised to be loyal and yet not ready to commit. For them, nasasakal sila since nakatali sila sa isang relasyon. And this prevents them to do the things they're accustomed to. People tend to be loyal just to some extent. May hangganan, boundary, limitation. Whereas in commitment, there are no ifs and buts. Only you and me. Only us. So when someone better comes our way, we shy away. We distance ourselves. Coz we have committed to something unconditional. Committed to be loyal, faithful, contented, and to love unconditionally.

But still, some gets mistaken with the thin line that separates loyalty and commitment. Though most of the time, they're coherent. They complement each other. And when that happends, you get happily ever after. *bow*

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

vp debate @ SNL

Another ratings winner for NBC... *wink*

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fey as palin @ SNL

Let's just say I'm more of a Democrat that's why I find this clip really funny. Tina Fey did a good job spoofing Republican VP candidate Palin. I hope this hurts her VP standing. Hahaha

And this was Tina Fey's first spoofing episode of Sarah Palin.

Friday, September 26, 2008



It all started when Chummy emailed the pic of the latest UP Siglo jacket design. Dati ko pang gustong bumili pero Thursdays 4pm-6pm lang daw sila nagbebenta. USC kasi ang in-charge dito. Before, so-so lang kasi yung designs so ok lang kahit hindi pa ako makabili. Not until I saw the latest design and heard that the Eheads wore this during their concert prep.

Since the cats are away, nag-undertime na ako para lang umabot sa call time. From San Miguel Avenue, I hailed a cab papuntang Diliman. It's a good thing hindi masyadong traffic sa White Plains. Medyo natraffic lang ako sa Katips. Sabi ko na lang baka nagchampion na Arrrheneo! hehe. So ayun, after more than 30minutes and P160 sa fare, I was infront of the USC office sa Vinzon's Hall.... And then AAARGGGHHH!!! Sa CHK daw magbebenta today. Eh napaalis ko na yung taxi. And hindi ako sigurado kung yung Ikot jeep eh dumadaan pang CHK. At umuulan na!!! Takte talaga! For the love of UP!

Pagdating ko sa gym eh medyo mahaba na pila. Sila may payong...ako may hoodie! Ayun so nakipila na ako. Then nakiusap na lang ako dun sa matandang may kasamang taga UPIS na pipila ako sa likod nila pero sisilong lang ako since wala nga akong payong at ang hoodie ko eh hindi water resistant. Ayun buti na lang mabait at pumayag. 5 minutes... 10 minutes... 15 minutes... anakngtokwa! Bakit ang bagal. Bago pala bumili eh sukat sukat muna. Putek!

Eh walang pila sa lanyard so sabi ko bibili na ako. Buti na lang. Syempre ingles-inglesan ako kunwari. Sabi ko "Uhmm, where do I buy the lanyard?", "Do I need a UP ID to purchase the jaket?". Ayun nakabili na ako ng lanyard then tinry ko ulit charm ko. Haha. I asked kung same ba pila ng black and white jackets since 2 colors ang available. Ayun sabi nga yung mahabang pila eh for the black jacket na nagkataon na XS na lang ang size. So sabi ko white na lang ako. At ang swerte ko kasi walang pumupila sa white kaya ako na ang una. Ayun, I tried the white jacket na S. Medyo malaki so I tried the XS. Swak na swak! So medyo tyumempo ulit ako. I asked if there are sufficient stocks for the black jacket to cover the long line. Eh asa may likod pa yung pila ko. Sabi naman madami daw. So sabi ko pila na lang ulit ako sa black pero kung hindi ako aabot I'll be getting the white one. Pumayag naman so sabi ko pipila na ako ulit. Then sabi nya "Ayaw nyo po bang dito na bumili tutal andito na kayo sa harap?"


At sino naman ako para tumanggi sa grasya! And so, after less than 30 minutes, and several English statements, I finally got my very own Siglo black and gold jacket! Samantalang si tatay na sinundan ko sa pila eh nasa likod pa. Nakaka-guilty pero ano ba naman yung isang jacket! Whehehe.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

whoa, one year!

WHOA! I just realized, one year na pala akong nagbablog! And I wasn't able to celebrate it through an entry! Sobrang busy talaga. haay.

Still, I wasn't able to get a copy of the 3eb vids from the Oktoberfest gig. Hopefully by this weekend I'll have the flash drive. And by that time, mapost ko na dito.

"When the CATS are away, WE WILL PLAY!"
Astig talaga ng status message ko sa YM since yesterday. Minsan lang to mangyari. Three days with no pressure! No stress! Pahinga sa lahat ng requests. Sa mga sigaw, sa mga ring ng phone, at higit sa lahat...sa OT! And I sincerely thank the MORES Congress! Sana every month yan! hehe

So how's my week by far. Well, mixture of good and bad news. I can't say that I didn't expect this. But then again, I'm not in the position to react negatively. It may appear that I was okay but I'm not. I said that I expected this but still I'm not happy hearing it. Well, life must go on.

Again, Happy One Year KALOYSTER!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

back from depression

Wow! It's been days since I visited my site. Not to mention posting. At this rate, I won't even get near of breaking my record of 50 posts in 3 months. LOL.

So many things had happened the past two weeks. And everything, ok most!, boiled down to depression. It's a good thing I have something to look forward to every 16th. Anyhow, I'll leave the Third Eye Blind concert update until I received the videos of their songs. Will post it in my Multiply account. The P1500 was all worth it! Kahit na sabihin ni Jade na nasayang ang P1500 ko! hehe.

For now, update ko lang kayo of some changes. New logo...New memo! And I hate this change that I have to deal with every morning when I start my PC. Screw the memo! *biro lang IT*. Pero sana ginawang dark ang background. Not really fond of white sa monitor ko. BORING!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

vip ticket

Sabi ko hindi ko to palalagpasin! Finally! Secured VIP tickets for tomorrow's Oktoberfest! Can't wait to hear 3eb play my favorites: Narcolepsy, God of Wine, Jumper, How's It Going To Be, and Semi-Charmed Life!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3eb @ oktoberfest 2008

This can't be real! But it is! And I won't let this pass this time!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

whatta week

Hindi naman ako doctor na On-Call. Hindi rin ako 7-11 na Open 24 hours.

Holiday! HOLIDAY!!!

I understand the gravity of the situation. But please. PLEASE!

Now I understand why. Sya din pala ang rason. Thanks for the free lunch. Sana next wednesday badtrip ka ulit.

The second consecutive week na hindi ako nakapag St. Jude. Thanks to you! And you left us?!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! Why do you keep on ganging up on people! In time, mag-isa ka na lang promise! Thank God I got a visit after office. Nawala kahit papano yung inis ko! At salamat din hindi nagring phone ko! Paranoid! Buti na lang Nike sale! FUCK!!! That took the breath out of me. 6 digits na? BANKRUPT!

Time to meet the friends. Small world, Johnites?! Sabi nang hindi ako kumakanta eh! Ok lang na sukahan mo bago kong sapatos. Thanks for being honest. But I ain't sure if that's better than you hiding the truth from me. Nonetheless, I'm sticking with 081608.

Funny. You should have told me na hindi ka Catholic. My fault! Sinabi nang Bahrainian eh! Confirmed! Officially a Catholic now. Paranoia striked again. TRUST. Happy. Again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

tagaytay zipline

Last Saturday, I was fortunate to be back to Tagaytay. There were no real plans of going up not until Friday night. And so we went.

By Saturday morning, I texted a couple of friends to ask where we could take a ride going to Tagaytay. Yeah I know the terminal in Taft and in Pasay. But I needed one that would pass by SLEX. I've been wanting to stopover to Paseo de Sta Rosa for two reasons. One, I haven't visited Starbucks there yet. Just another branch to add to my collection. And two, Nike Park outlet store. So we took a van in Buendia Taft that fortunately passed SLEX. And by the sight of Paseo de Sta Rosa an hour after...I shouted "PARA"! All excitedly.

There weren't a lot really in that particular outlet store. Mas madami pa yung asa Libis. But at least I tried. Been wanting to buy a bag for the longest time (two months na since I bought a new one, LOL). After having my usual frappe dose in Starbucks, we started to feel the problem. No van or bus passes by Paseo de Sta. Rosa going to Tagaytay. There were jeeps but at that point we were told na sasabit na kami since malayo din yung terminal and punuan sya. So we took a tryk going to Balibago which was on the opposite side of SLEX! It was like a 30 minute ride. Then at Balibago terminal we took a jeep going to Tagaytay market, another hour ride. So there goes our morning. We reached Tagaytay before 2pm...starving.

After we had lunch at Carlo's Pizza, we headed to Picnic Grove. For the lack of idea of new places to go to Tagaytay! If I were to decide, I could just spent the time over at the newly renovated Starbucks Tagaytay. But I didn't want to spoil the trip so we went on. Dami pa rin tao kahit off-season. And what was new was the cable cars and zip lines installed. And I had no plans of trying. Pucha bangin yung babagsakan ko pag nagkataon. So I settled watching the people zipping through the ravines. And having a scare when one zip got stacked in the middle until rescued by a guy from the other side...by hand.

the zip line

the cable car

one guy zippin'

To sum it all up, our travel time took longer that the time we stayed at Tagaytay. There will always be a next time though. Hopefully, the Pagudpud trip pushes through!

Ooohhh. Thanks! Katas ng Timezone! Damn I'm working on to get that gold card! 3500 to go. LOL

Sunday, August 17, 2008


a day to remember...

a date to CELEBRATE!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Psychics and Feng Shui experts were looking forward to yesterday's date. 888, triple 8. If you rotate that figure 90 degrees you'll get infinity. As statisticians, we were made to understand the essence of infinity. Endless, boundless, unlimited, parang iced tea.

Seriously, many were looking forward to yesterday's date due to the boundless luck it would bring. I had a friend who was planning to wed that time. Dunno what happened but it was moved to end of this year. Even Sharon Cuneta joined the bandwagon and held her 30th anniversary concert yesterday at Araneta.

As for me, well I just completed the olympic edition of the Mcdo Happy Meal. Damn, was I lucky!

And did I say green was our favorite color? Just to make things clear, we didn't plan this.

As for my date last night? Well let's see if triple 8 indeed brings good luck. LOL

Thursday, August 7, 2008

sunog! sunog! sunog sa FX!

Last week hindi ako nakapagmass sa St. Jude. Thanks to Galaxy coz 1am na kami natapos gumawa ng weights. Valid naman yung rason diba? hehe

So Thursday na naman. Hindi na pwede magOT. Hindi pwedeng makamiss ulit. Nag-extend lang ako ng mga 1.5 hours then umalis na ako by 7pm. I'm trying to catch the 8pm mass. Dunno pero nagiging maantukin talaga ako pag nagtatravel. May it be bus, FX, or even cab. So, activated my *ahem* bluetooth headset and started listening to Amy Winehouse. Ayun, pampaantok ko. I may be unconscious, but subconsciously eh aware pa rin naman ako kahit konti sa nangyayari. Basta ramdam ko uminit. Gusto ko na ngang pagsabihan yung katabi ko na wag madamot sa aircon. Then when we reached Toyota Shaw, nagising me nung biglang gumilid yung FX ng biglaan. Pagdilat ko ng mata ko aba nagbababaan sila. Syempre ayoko mahuli sa uso kaya bumaba na rin ako without knowing what happened. Nung nakababa na ako sakto! Umusok ang FX. Overheat ata pero sobra yung amoy sunog eh. Tumakbo pa nga sila palayo kasi akala nila sasabog. Badtrip talaga. Kung kelan nagmamadali, kung kelan late na sa mass, kung kelan nasa kasarapan ng tulog while having Love Is A Losing Game playing at the background. Haay. Good thing hindi ako nalate sa mass. Naabutan ko pa yung novena ng 7pm mass. Ayun. Pakiramdam ko may halo na naman ako. Sarap!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

inhale exhale

Not really feeling okay today. Slept past 2 this morning due to a segmentation project. A VERY urgent project to be presented by MD this afternoon. Woke up at 5am to follow up on the additional segmentation requests. Thank God the base wasn't robust enough to generate at least 3 clusters. But still, I just had a 3 hour sleep. And I'm getting dizzy.

Then, while on my way to the office, I received a text coming from the main office to dropby to discuss on weights. WEIGHTS! My least favorite word. My stomach squirms just by hearing or even reading that word. And the show went on.

Upon hearing my voice over the phone, this director barged inside the room and started yelling at me. And did I mention that I just had a 3 hour snooze? Turned out one of his favorite quant person sent an email with the word "ERROR", emphasized in all caps. No wonder his body temp suddenly surged to infinity. And I was the only OMM person around. So I was an easy target. Good thing I wasn't myself that early so I didn't really mind his yelling. I don't have the energy just yet. And I haven't taken any meal for the day.

So I just inhaled...then exhaled. That made my day!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tante grazie Mega B

I would be a hypocrite if I say that I wasn't waiting for a treat for me and Mike's birthday. It was Mega B's new rule to at least treat out the celebrants. And that should come as a surprise. And how much I waited for July to come. Haha. *assuming*

Tuesday should have been a stressful day for me. Alongside the scheduled status meeting, we were to report the status of Project Borders to my director. I say it was stressful since I've been pulling my wits out day and night. And that's not easy for a geek such as myself. God knows how I hate doing conjoint. But I've got no choice. And so it happened. Woke up late with a hangover and HEADACHE!!! Asked Mike to excuse myself from the status meeting so I can discuss the issues raised by Bruce with our consultant. And when the time came to face the jury, there was a surprise lunch. And it did came at the time I wasn't expecting anything but my ass getting grilled again. Success! We had our own share of S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E! And I thought that was it. Gale brought another one when she consulted for weights. She brought this with her...

And I was all smiles. This would be my third Starbucks mug/tumbler. And I like it.
Tante Grazie Mega B!

Monday, July 21, 2008

reuniting E!

From the column of Ricky Lo at Phil. Star last July 13.

Yes, it’s confirmed: The Eraserheads are reuniting after many years of being apart, not for good but only for one show slated for Aug. 30 at the CCP Open Grounds. According to the STAR source, all the original members are performing — Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raimund Marasigan. This piece of good news should make the Eraserheads fans very happy. Said to be the ‘greatest Pinoy band,’ the Eraserheads will sing all their hit songs, including Alapaap, Toyang and Ang Huling El Bimbo. So much water, so to speak, has flowed under the bridge since the band broke up years ago. Ely, who survived a heart attack two years ago, has formed two bands, Mongol (which didn’t last long) and Pupil (still playing). ‘It took one big company to bring the former band members together,’ said the source who is keeping the company’s identity ‘confidential’ for the time being. Really now, don’t the Eraserheads fans wish that the band would stay together not just for a one-night-only concert but for good...for old time’s sake?Ricky Lo

No news yet on the tickets. But most websites indicated that the tickets are for free. You just have to sign-up somewhere. I tried signing up at the Red List at the Marlboro website since sila yung sponsor. Pucha! I'll do anything to watch them! Eheads ROCK!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

tante grazie Stat-IT

kahit super busy. at kahit super late. LOL

san na cake ko?! =(

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

tante grazie

thanks for making my day much more special...

TEXT (kahit na may mga hindi ako nareceive, thanks sa Globe!)
lillibeth, michelle, ronillo, cristia, sabrina, ryan patrick, rhuena, mary jane, daniel julio, paul michael, jerome, katrina tanya, jhesilda, ellen, nina, marijo, pops, maricar, ramon, anna liza, irene, diana mae, mark, rosalie, ma. susana, melanie, nena, rizalina, rosalia, diana sue, ma. carissa, ma. clarissa, jolee, charles william, charmaine.

ma. carissa, sabrina, marianne, rosalia, regina hope, jenny, sheryl.

katrina tanya, sabrina, laurence albert, mary ann, lea, arvin, mark, claire.

nena, honeypie, rosalia, kathryn, isabel.

sheryl, jacqueline.

josephine, nadja, darline, mabel.

sobrang thanks sa mga kumanta at sa HR for giving me the chocolate cake! Lakas ko talaga!

at sa mga nakalimot, wag na kayo mag-alala. makakalimutan ko din kayo!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

itsh mah bertdey

and lemme partee like

Monday, July 14, 2008

di na natuto

Opo. I got an allergy again. But not from the tattoo but from the L'Oreal color applied to my hair at Bench Fix. Nakakainis. Lahat na lang bawal. Minsanan na nga lang naa-allergy pa. After the application last Saturday sabi ko sa sarili ko, yari na. Nagreact na skin ko. Ang kati na eh. Then nung gabi eh pakiramdam ko medyo nangangapal na naman batok ko. So paggising ko ng Sunday eh pinatignan ko sa kapatid ko. Tama nga. Makapal na sya so I went straight to St. Luke's ER. Pero hindi na ko pinag-IV. The doctor just gave me medicine, yung steroid na ininom ko din before, after magreact balat ko sa henna. And his suggestion, alisin ko daw yung color ng buhok ko. Pero paano? Sabi ng kapatid ko pakalbo na raw ulit ako. No! No way! Sayang yung kulay! hehe. Ang gandang birthday gift talaga! Haay.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

got INKed



my wishlist

Don't ever believe anyone who would tell na maluho ako. Don't even believe them when they say that I'm materialistic. Tech-savvy lang ako. Nagkataong addict ako sa bagong cellphone na nilalabas ng Nokia. Nagkataon na gusto ko yung mga bags at flops ng Nike. Naging biktima lang ako ng pagkakataon! Simpleng tao lang po ako. At mga simpleng bagay lang naman ang hinihiling ko. Kaya walang pakealaman kung gusto kong gumawa ng wishlist kahit malayo pa ang Pasko! Blog ko to! Items in no specific order. Sa mga magbibigay, you MAY choose one. LOL
  • Nokia N96
  • Starbucks bearista (yung naka apron)
  • white Nike flops
  • bluetooth headset (nasira yung headset ko!)
  • Nike Finstar leather size 9
  • Maxtor external HD 160gb (ok din lang yung 120gb)
  • black alligator (hula lang) shoes from People Are People
  • stat manager or director (ito kung pwede pakiuna please lang!)
  • room makeover
  • queen-size bed skeleton made of wood (i don't need a cushion kasi may scolio ako)
  • GC sa starbucks, nike, memo, etc.
  • magandang mechanical pencil 0.3 (wala daw sa Parker huhu)
  • chance to meet MYMP
  • Acer Aspire 1.0 (nabibigatan na ko sa laptop ko)
  • isang masarap kayakap sa Pasko hahaha!

So far yan pa lang naiisip ko. Dadagdagan ko na lang pag may namutawi ulit sa aking isipan.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

i just hate rainy days

It was sunny when I left the house yesterday morning. The heat was actually irritatingly hot when we got back from lunch. So I was surprised that it was raining when I was about to leave the office. Then someone from the main office visited so I asked them if I can hitch a ride until Crossing where I'll be catching the MRT enroute to Makati.

So the deal was, we were already at Shaw Blvd. when I realized something missing. Not again! It was the second day in a row that I left my friggin' wallet somewhere. Last Tuesday, left it in my room so I needed to get back home around lunch time to pick it up. Then yesterday, I left it on my office table. Badtrip! And the worse thing was, I needed to walk back to the office...under the rain...without my umbrella (lent it to my officemate since I'll be hitching a ride anyways). In short, para akong basang sisiw when I reached CITRA!

Thought everything will be okay. I have my wallet, I got my umbrella back, but I'm late. So I needed to walk fast to Shangri-La so I could gauge if there'll be no traffic in EDSA so i could take a bus instead. Bus means less walk and transfers unlike MRT. So I reached Shangri-La safely. And so I thought. While about to enter the back entrance, I slipped. Fortunately I regained my balance. Unfortunately, two officemates saw my clumsiness happen! Funny thing, ako pa nagsorry sa kanila. Wahahaha.

And to add insult to injury, nasira lang naman yung favorite shoes ko! Pucha naman talaga. So I now hate rainy days! I really do!

Monday, July 7, 2008

double celebration

The UP Fighting Maroons MBT has finally ended their yearlong drought and was able to strike first blood on the hapless NU Bulldogs. Sana hindi lang patikim to.

Rafael Nadal has ended the reign of Federer at grass by spoiling the latter's bid for a 6th straight Wimbledon crown. This is Rafa's first grand slam win other than Roland Garros. He also became the first man since Bjorn Borg to win both the French and Wimbledon on the same year. And this match kept me up until 4am this morning!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

surprise visit from arisha

Got a surprise office visit last Thursday from my inaanak, Luz's Arisha. Buti na lang maamo sakin unlike si Jam na ayaw sumama kay T2J.

Friday, July 4, 2008

back to basic

Ang gastos ko talaga! In a week's time: green Gola bag, off-white Braun Buffel wallet at half the price, and white Adidas bag (mortal sin for a Nike addict!). Justification: birthday month ko eh!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

stranded @ bora - day3

June 22, 2008

The morning of day 3 wasn't any better. In fact, the weather got worse. We had our breakfast buffet at the rooftop of la Carmela since the in-house resto was somehow hit by the waves. It was scary in a way since the pool of the hotel was kinda elevated. And yet we woke up with sand everywhere. Sabi ko nga baka nagkatsunami na eh hindi pa namin alam.

By midday, the weather has slightly improved. I finally had the chance of dipping in the cold waters of Bora. The wind was still strong and the waves were still like that of Siargao. But it was fun. Parang mas ok pa nga yun kesa nung una kong punta several years back. For a change nga naman na hindi maaraw...walang sunburn! hehe.

And since the weather got better before lunchtime, we decided that we won't be extending our stay. Not until we found out that flights from Caticlan were all cancelled! Goodluck to us. So we needed to transfer hotel since our accommodation was until 1pm only. Fortunately we got one easily. And this was way better than La Carmela. I also got to taste the shakes of Jonah's at last. So good and so creamy! Several hours after, we decided to visit the Grotto since low tide na. Syempre photo ops ulit ang mga bata. The evening was just spent indoors while playing tong-its and pusoy dos since almost all establishments were closed. And then electricity went out! At kumukulo ang tyan ko! Great!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

stranded @ bora - day2

June 21, 2008

Day2 was basically a day of rainshowers and being soaked. Contrary to what we expected, Frank didn't leave the country. Instead, it diverted its direction from Northeast to Northwest. In short, dinaanan mismo ang Boracay to Manila going up north. Sobrang saya! So our planned late summer vacation turned out to be a test for survival (rainshowers, huge waves, brownout, no cellphone signal, etc.). For them, that's about it. But for me, I continued having slight fever which prompted me to take more paracetamols. Not to mention my upset stomach and the constant gas! Hahaha.

But we won't let this vacation go to waste. Sabi nga, make the most out of what you have. So we used the strong winds ang Siargao-like waves as our props for our photo shoots. Pati naligaw na troso ginamit namin para mas dramatic ang shots. Iba talaga ang boy scout! We could have decided to swam pero nung nasa may waves na kami eh may pumito nang mga tanod ata. Sinabi nang may bagyo ang kukulit talaga ng mga taga Maynila! Haha. The afternoon was boring. Hotel arrest lang kami dahil sa lakas ng ulan. At syempre ako...ang unang natulog! As expected.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

stranded @ bora - day1

June 20, 2008

The much-awaited day had finally arrived. After 2 days of planning and a month of waiting, we were on our way to Boracay last Friday. I planned not to sleep since I'll be hitching a ride with Ronillo early Friday dawn. So I just waited for his text at Starbucks People Support. Come 4am, we were on our way to the domestic airport. And knowing this driver, as usual we got lost. Napunta kami instead sa NAIA. Great! Met up with Jamby, Gilbert, Leigh, and Warren sa airport. Surprisingly, the flight wasn't delayed. We landed at the Caticlan Airport quarter to seven. Nakakatakot nga kasi namiscalculate ng piloto ang ikot, so instead of landing eh isang pasada pa ng ikot. Another great!

I'm known to be a killjoy when it comes to outings. Eh anong magagawa ko, I haven't slept yet. So after having lunch, bagsak na ko. Habang sila eh ineenjoy ang Boracay sand at water. Woke up at around 6pm with a slight fever. At medyo malakas na ang alon sa beach. Not to mention na sobrang lakas na ng hangin. Ayun, we had dinner sa D'Mall habang si Leigh eh bagsak sa kama. Kawawang Warren. Syempre planado na ang inuman. So after dinner, we just watched PDA then headed back to the beach for the booze. Stayed at Hey Jude, watched the fire zippers (forgot the name of the sport but it makes use of wires and fire na iniikot ikot nila), and booze booze booze. After 2 Singapore slings and a bottle of SanMigLight, ang daldal ko na. Kung ano ano nang tinatanong ko sa kanila. Haha. By experience, two bottles and bagsak na si kaloyster. So pagdating sa hotel room, I just brushed my teeth and washed my face then bagsak na ulit. Kung ano daw yung pwesto ko nung humiga ako eh yun din ang pwesto ko all throughout the night hanggang paggising ko. At nung gabing yun, nagumpisa na ang hobby ko! Haha.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Walang makakahadlang...
Walang makakapigil...
Walang makakastop...

Bagyo man o Baha...
Kidlat man o Kulog...
Lagnat man o Trangkaso...
White Migration man o Pink Pop... LOL


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

show me da money

Christmas Bonus 2006 - 50%
Midyear 2007 - on time 100%
Yearend 2007 - 100% (tama ba?)
Christmas Bonus 2007 - 100% but delayed til January 2008
Promotion to SSSE1 - patayan but effective February 2008
Special Bonus 2008 - ahem. thanks!
Midyear 2008

Midyear 2008

Midyear 2008!!! ShowMeDaMoney!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ewan ko ba pero pag may naisip ako na bagong bagay, hindi ako mapalagay hangga't hindi ko sya nagagawa. Recently, I've been thinking to do something big on my 27th birthday. Oo na! Tanda ko na! Planning to have my hair coloured again just like last year. Kaya nagpahaba na ulit ako ng buhok. But been there, done that already. I need something new. Something better. Something far from ordinary. Then I've thought...

TATTOO! Yeah why not? So long as hindi sya kita eh wala akong poproblemahin. Kelangan lang tago sa mata ng mga tao sa bahay or else...

But first things first, I have to know whether I'm allergic to the real thing. I don't wanna experience the same thing when I've had my henna tattoo last April. So this time I wanna be sure if it's okay. If my body can handle the chemicals. LOL

So last night, I visited an allercologist and had my series of tests. She recommended several tests. Ang dami eh pero basically sa blood and she suggested an X-Ray of my sinus. Weird no pero instead of chest eh mukha, all sides ang pinaX-ray nya. I've mentioned kasi na may allergic rhinitis ako. So gusto nya irule out lahat ng possibilities.

Anyways, will be getting my results hopefully by Wednesday so I can get back to my doctor the same night. Gusto ko may sagot na ako before ako magBoracay! hehe

Ganyan mag-isip si kaloyster. Sugod agad! So hopefully before my big day, may TATTOO na ko!!! Design? Naiisip ko pa lang is barcode. I really like the barcode on my nape pero let's see...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

congrats intiang

Congrats Mommy Intiang!
Welcome to the world, baby Berkie...
Carys Reign

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

have you ever?

"Have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry?
Have you ever needed something so bad you can't sleep at night?
Have you ever tried to find the words but they don't come out right?
Have you ever? Have you ever?"

Kasalanan ba kung makamiss ka ng isang tao?
Pucha! Kelangan ko nang mag Boracay!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

french open results

I never liked Roger Federer. I don't want him to be known as the greatest tennis player of all time. Okay, I'm a Sampras fan. Get it now? So basically, I'll be rooting for anyone playing against him in any surface. And thanks to Rafa Nadal for spoiling Federer's bid of becoming the 6th man to win the four grand slams and solidifying his status as the best.

Rafa beat Roger in straight sets 6-1 6-3 6-0 for his fourth consecutive Roland Garros, equalling the same feat set by Bjorn Borg. This has been Federer's worst beating in a grand slam. And this has also been the third consecutive year that Nadal beat Federer in the French Open Finals. The first time Rafa won the title, he beat Roger during the semifinals. This reminds me of the rivalry between Sampras and Michael Chang before.

On the women's side, Ana Ivanovic won against the improved Dinara Safina in straight sets as well. She also got the number one rank in the WTA race. Justine Henin's surprising retirement has opened the ground for three players to get the top ranking (Sharapova, Ivanovic, Jankovic). And by the way, I never liked Sharapova. She's got that irritating noise when playing. Reminds me of Venus Williams and Monica Seles.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

rudy fernandez, r.i.p.

Nagulat ako pagkasabi ng kapatid ko na namatay na si Rudy Fernandez kaninang umaga dahil sa Peri-Ampullary cancer. Akala ko talaga eh pagaling na sya dahil sa operation and chemotherapy. Yun pala eh nireject ng katawan nya yung treatment. Nakakaawa talaga.

Naalala ko tuloy bigla si Nanay. Pancreatic cancer naman yung kanya. I dunno if these are just the same pero based sa medical description and effects eh parang pareho lang. Swerte na rin pala si Nanay kasi hindi na namin sya pina-undergo ng chemo. I'm sure mas mahihirapan sya kung ganun. Nakakalungkot.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

seeing poon

And so it goes. I was having a hard, very difficult time managing my hair. Unlike the days when I was almost skinhead, my styling time now takes 5-10 minutes. Ayaw sumunod ng buhok ko sa wax! Pag walang gel para namang isang kumpol ng buhok lang. haha

Then I went to Galleria for an errand. Then there was Fix, so I got fixed! LOL. It's a good thing Del, my stylist since college, was there and available. So trim lang pinagawa ko since nagpapahaba nga ako ng buhok kasi magsisplurge ako ng treatment sa birthday ko. VAIN! haha. And then rinse. And then style.

Then suddenly may bulung-bulungan sa isang sulok. "Sya yung kumakanta..." Syempre alam kong hindi ako yun since boses palaka ako. haha. Eh masakit na ulo ko so diretso na ako sa cashier to pay. Then suddenly, alam ko na kung sino pinagbubulungan nila.

Si Richard Poon pala, POON as in spoon at hindi yung santo. Eh idol ko yun! May CD nga ako kahit na Standard ang genre nya. Pero masarap kasing pampatulog yun eh. Sayang hindi ko dala yung cd. Libreng autograph sana! Badtrip. Then nung inaantay ko na yung receipt eh magbabayad na rin pala sya. Pinigilan ko talagang huwag ilabas ang N95 8gig with 5megapixel camera and Carl Zeiss lens ko *whew*. Gusto ko pa-pic para may kasama naman tong blog entry ko! Maglalakas loob na talaga ako...

Kaso, wala rin. Haha. Nakakahiya eh. Next time na lang. Aabangan ko ulit sya sa Fix. And next time I'll see to it na dala ko na yung CD nya. haha. STARSTRUCK!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

100th and counting

After exactly 9 months of blogging here at kaloyster.blogspot.com, I'm at my 100th post! Yupee! Whoever would have thought that I will reach such a peat. Knowing me, I usually don't finish what I started. And I seldom write. And sometimes if I'm in the mood, I get tired. Haha. So I would like to thank...
  • blogspot/blogger: for hosting my blog
  • to the one who made the skin: whoever you are, thanks!
  • photobucket: for hosting my pics and slide shows
  • bratinella: for editing my html codes
  • eStudio: for their free wifi connection LOL
  • david cook: for the official theme song of my blog! rock on!
  • starbucks: for the header slide show
  • everyone: for giving me the topics to write about

Until my next 100 posts...

Saturday, May 31, 2008

stat-it bonding for may

After more than 6 months, natuloy na sa wakas ang Stat-IT bonding/open forum. Next step: out of town!

At umiral na naman ang kajologan ko! Haha...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

bad luck comes in 3's

I've talked to an office colleague just this morning and asked her if she believes that bad luck comes in three's. She said NO! Hell NO! Ako oo! And it just happened to me in just a span of 24 hours...

  • STRIKE 1: 2pm yesterday, a meeting was set to discuss a conjoint study. I thought I came loaded and ready. Well, I thought wrong. Nasigawan lang naman ako infront of my junior teammate, a friend from a different department, and a high-ranking co-worker from another division. Sobrang sama talaga ng pakiramdam ko after. Okay, maybe exaggerated yung sigaw, pero definitely the pitch was way above normal. Not to mention the walk-out. I just wished I've defended myself. That I really needed time to study the new software. That I was informed of the project pushing through a week after we received the actual software. That I was really trying hard, ALONE, to read the more than 600-page manual, and at the same time practising it in my laptop. That I've been staying late at Starbucks every night, including weekends, just so I can really pour my thoughts on this study. That I wasn't really confident with Conjoint and I badly needed assistance. But then I was left there seated, staring blankly at my laptop screen. Actually fighting the urge for a tear to drop. Not now, not infront of my colleagues. I really hate conjoint. Now, I am really not looking forward to my evaluation on Monday. But then again, I have to prepare a copy of the big R! My big R!
  • STRIKE 2: It's the third straight week that i chose to attend mass at St. Jude during the 7-8am mass. Para hindi ako nagmamadali after office. Besides medyo malayo ang Mendiola sa Ortigas. But kanina I woke up late, around 6am, took my shower in 5 minutes and left. I opted to take a cab since I don't wanna be late for mass. This asshole taxi driver was full of adrenaline that he thought he was in a racetrack, Racing against another cab driver. Then BAAAGGG!!!! We crashed into a jeepney which has stopped just infront of us. Good thing was hindi naman ako nasaktan. Kungdi, sasaktan ko din si manong driver. I was about to accompany them to the nearest police station since irereklamo ko din sya na kaskasero sya and sya may kasalanan pero I chose not to since late na talaga ako. I just hope he learned his lesson. And I'm pretty sure now that he would after the damage to his cab. Tsk tsk.
  • STRIKE 3: During the mass, wisshhhh wishhhh. Putek umuulan. And the bad thing was, wala akong payong! Kahit jacket wala! Ayun, I was stranded inside the church. And I have a meeting ng 9am. Galing talaga. Nung ambon na lang, I decided to leave. Kaso nung malapit na ko sa labas ng Mendiola gate ng MalacaƱang, umulan na naman. And this time mas malakas pa. I'm soaking wet, and wala pang taxi! So nung humina na ulit I decided to pass by CEU since may shed yung walkway nila unlike sa San Beda. Haha, ayos! Nakapark na kotse ng kapatid ko sa harap ng school. So I called her and borrowed an umbrella, since may extra sya sa kotse. Seems hindi pa talaga ako minamalas. Then, sumikat na ang araw. Saya!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

at last, a rocker idol

Look at who's smiling now...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


KNOCKOUT! That's Simon Cowell's description of the last showdown between the two Davids. And sadly, he was referring to Archuleta.

Hate to say this but Cowell must be right. It all boils down to song choice. Archuleta's choices were safe, and were meant to please the crowd. Cook's choices were a bit risky. The last song wasn't even in his genre. But I was pleased to see a different side of Cook. And those tears were kinda surprising. A rocker with a heart! Now that's a bit new.

So now, all we have to do is wait while our friends from the US decides whether to crown the youngest Idol or the very first ROCKER IDOL! I still believe that Cook deserves it more. Either way, they would surely get their own albums in a month or two. Ego-booster na lang ang labanan.


David Cook:

David Archuleta:

Monday, May 19, 2008

david vs. david, the face-off

Two nights to go!

Studio Version
Live Version

Download the two set of sound files and hear the difference!
Still on Cook's side though! Rock On!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

happy birthday ARISHA!

Happy FIRST birthday to my inaanak.
Arisha, be good to Mommy, Daddy and Kuya Kenzo ok.
Ninong Caloi will always be here for you.

Friday, May 16, 2008

david vs. david

For Idol fanatics, this is the time we've been waiting for. The auditions were over, so were the eliminations. The IDOL storm is now down to 2! And it's a showdown between the two Davids, Archuleta and Cook. Will be posting sound files at my MULTIPLY site for you to judge who deserves the title of American Idol!

For more Idol news, check out AmericanIdol.com!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

boracay for P4800++ only

May promo ang Seair!

roundtrip ticket
3 days, 2 nights accommodation
free breakfasts

selling period: May 14-18
flying period: June 16 - Oct 12

hotline: 8437308

Sunday, May 11, 2008

4k garden resort

Iba talaga ang abot ng wifi. Libre pa dito sa 4k Garden Resort sa Catmon, Sta. Maria, Bulacan. Try ko lang ulit magpost ng pic hehe.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

bye miss gaye

I really hate goodbyes. Pero syempre hindi naman sya maiiwasan lalo na sa isang industry na medyo fast-paced. Maraming dumarating, mas maraming umaalis. So after two of my friends left last month (Kath & Buen), an ARD followed suit. She's now heading the research department of Jollibee Foods. Not bad! Though I'm also expecting two of my closest leaving within the next two months. Ako kaya kelan? hehe

Anyways, pictures were taken (of course, courtesy of my 5 megapixel N95 8gig with Carl Zeiss lens LOL) during the despedida lunch for Miss Gaye. I can say that I've been close with her since two of my most memorable projects, after coming back from my 1 year hiatus, was under her accounts. Rainbow (my first conjoint project) and Allure which paved way for a reality check na meron ngang mga monster clients. Let's just give her an alias, Arlene Sarmiento.

I will really miss you Mam Gaye. =(

And guess whose butt this is. Spelling the number 30! Sorry Ria! Haha!

Friday, May 9, 2008

special greetings

Happy Happy Birthday CUZ LEN!

San ba ang pakain natin? hehe

Advance Happy Mother's Day din!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

for sale: laptop

I'm selling my Neo Empriva 525gx laptop for P14,000 (still negotiable). SOLD!
Para sa mga kakilala ko talaga, open pa rin for installment haha!

Pentium M, Intel Celeron, 14.1" widescreen, 40gb hard-drive, 1.256gb memory (256mb package then added additional 1gb memory), Windows XP Home edition, Microsoft Office 2003, built-in webcam, CD/DVD writer, Wifi-ready, 4in1 card reader, carrying bag, manuals, CD, AC adaptor, TV input cable.

Downside, some scratch marks and faded silver top cover which can be covered easily by a laptop skin. Battery life is 1 hour (based on surfing, chatting, downloading MP3, and soundtripping simultaneously).

Other than these, the notebook is in A1 condition. Reason for selling: just got my Compaq Presario.

For interested parties, you may reach me at 0917-JAYAGUI (5292484). For serious deals only. Maybe we can strike a deal.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my new baby

my new baby. myCompaq B1256. la lang. *angas*

Thursday, April 24, 2008

CP photography

Thanks POPS for these shots. Kahit na pinagtyagaan mo lang. The absence of model potentials in a beautiful place makes one settle haha. For those interested, you may ask me for Pops' digits or search my Multiply for Cocoy&Pops. Ayan free advertisement. Dapat may free na akong setcard! Hahaha

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

mixed emotions

Happy Birthday NANAY!!!
Miss na miss na kita! *hikbi*

Advance Happy Birthday ulit Nanay sa April 26.
Kaw lang kilala ko na 2 ang birthday hehe.

Condolence din sa family ng cousin ko, Arnaiz Family.
Ate Tess, musta mo na lang po ako kay Nanay.
Pasabi pakibatukan ng malakas si Dad. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day

Don't forget your Starbucks tumblers/mugs! Kitakits sa Starbucks Gateway! hehe.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

canyon cove

Ano ba namang laban ng 89 sa 700? The first question that popped my mind after hearing na kasabay namin ang Honda sa Canyon Cove last Friday. Tama ba naman yun. Andami nun! Pero ok na din. Sobrang ganda at luwang ng resort. Kakasya pa ang 1000+ hehe. Libreng entertainment na rin kasi may dala silang mga stand-up comedians na medyo bastos nga lang. Dami ko kwento pero wala akong matype. So I'll just let the pictures narrate how we enjoyed the much-deserved vacation.

Next Sunday swimming na naman! Goodluck na lang sa kin!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

david cook - always be my baby

David Cook's rendition of Always Be My Baby during the top 7's Mariah Carey night took high praises from all the judges, yes including Simon. And I quote: "It was like sort of coming out from Karaoke hell... into... into a breath of fresh air!"

Sya bet kong mananalo. Sana lang wag syang magaya kay Chris Daughtry na naalis unexpectedly. Vote vote lang. hehe

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the henna aftermath

Pakiramdam ko ako si Joaquin Bordado. Haha. Salamat sa henna, magkakaroon ata ako ng instant tattoo. I endured the scratching, the itching for almost a week. Not to mention the medication. Grrr...

My friend Moki had his surprise birthday dinner at the Congo Grille yesterday. So parang reunion na naman ang BeRKS. Andun din yung ibang original batchmates ko from Stat. At nung nakita nila yung henna ko eh isa lang nasabi nila: "Hindi ka na nadala!" Pano naalala pa pala nila yung yin-yang ko sa leeg na parang tatak na BFAD-approved kasi 1 year din syang hindi naalis. Also the turtle henna sa may right wrist ko na 1 year ko ding kasama. Pero iba ata ngayon. Mukhang habambuhay na kaming magkasama ng dragon ko. Bordadong bordado! Haha

PS: I plan to visit an allercologist one of these days to check whether allergic ako sa totoong tattoo *wink*

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

galera and my henna

Just came back yesterday from my long weekend vacation at Galera. I say that would be my worst vacation ever. Gusto ko na kalimutan lahat ng nangyari so hindi na ako magkkwento dito. Anyways, after 3 or 4 years (last was during the UP Fair) eh nagpalagay ulit ako ng henna. Nagreact na dati sa skin ko pero sabi ko baka this time hindi na so nagpalagay ako ng dragon sa braso and sun yin-yang sa batok. Ayun, napagalitan na naman ako sa bahay kasi nagreact skin ko. And this is the worst reaction to date kasi kumalat sya. Puro blisters likod ng siko ko, yung henna ko na-emboss na, yung leeg ko puno ng parang tagyawat, at kumapal batok ko. So in short, KADIRI!!! Sinugod ako kagabi sa ER ng St. Lukes para saksakan ng diphenhydrite at IV na hydrocortisone. Delikado daw kasi pag kumalat sya sa loob. So next time, bawal na magpahenna. Yung totoong tattoo na lang. hehe.