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Monday, January 12, 2009

best mcdo commercial ever

Sobrang astig nitong commercial na to. Really touched the depths of my soul. LOL!

Offtopic: Today I bid goodbye to my N95 8gig *hikbi*

Saturday, January 10, 2009


After 10 days, I violated one of my resolutions... as expected!

Last week, I registered online for reservation to the Nokia 5800 touchscreen phone. This week, I got the email reply, text messages, and even the call. Release date, January 10. The catch? For the first 58 customers in line, free Sennheiser headset and 2 VIP tickets to the launch party featuring Hedkandi at the A Venue. The next 100 though will get 1 general admission ticket to the same party...

And during this instance, I wished I came early. I wished I didn't dropby the office to get the charger connector. I wished I didn't stay long para makipagkwentuhan about the ghost that Vel saw last night sa office. Somehow, I would have fell within the next 100. I wish...

So as I got off the cab, thanks to the truck and car collision at C5, I was struck by the long line of people at the back of Nokia store. AT THE BACK! Not even infront. Actually the line started near the entrance and looped all the way to the back parking area.

Just a shot of the sea of people waiting in line...

And after almost four hours in line (around 1:30pm) and 164 people ahead of me, I got my new phone: 5800! Woohoo!

Nevertheless, met some cool people, uhmm adults, while waiting. The I.T. lady from just around the vicinity of The Fort na nalate pa rin, the couple from Bulacan na muntik pang bilin yung N95 ko (sayang talaga kung alam ko lang), the couple from Laguna, and the couple from, ooh I failed to ask. Pero saw them again at Fully Booked at nagpakilala na Jek and I forgot the name of his GF na hawig ni Gretchen Malalad. Thank you guys for making my 3.5 hours in line tolerable.

And before I forget, I'm desperately (haha!) selling my Nokia N95 8gig phone. Complete package and still smooth. This is a RUSH SALE! 15k bucks. Just send me an SMS at 0917JayAgui (5292484) for details. And I'm serious about this!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

not another new year resolution

I find humor in making resolutions. Not that I don't believe in them. It's just that no matter how I tried, I break them after a few months. So here I am again, 6 days late. Better late than never. Sana lang tumagal to ng 2 months haha.
  • MAGTIPID. Ilang years ko nang resolution to and yet I keep on breaking this. Kaya ako nabaon sa utang. But this year, kung meron man akong pipiliting matupad, ito yun. So less gadgets, less Starbucks, less gimiks. Damn! Hirap ata nun!
  • FAMILY. Syempre family pa rin. We're down now. But I promised my cousin when she came home from the States, na ipaglalaban ko Dad ko. And I'll hold that promise. No matter what, that other woman can't have him nor his money.
  • FAITH. Find ways to attend mass and novena at St. Jude every Thursday. Overtimes are not excused. May mass naman sa umaga eh. Sana lang magising ako ng maaga. Seriously, I don't consider this as a sacrifice. So long as I have faith, I will continue.
  • HEALTH. Sabi ko dati maggygym na ako last year. And yet wala pa rin. Tamad talaga. I bought weights pero hindi ko pa nagagamit. This year, sana magamit ko na yun. Para lumaki na maskels ko whehe. So exercise, more water intake, more sleep, and less everything else.
  • WORK. Find a better one if under-appreciation continues. So no promotion during the first two months, pack up na. LOL! Seriously, I like this job. I like what I'm doing, well except conjoint. I like MOST of the people. Dati I like the people, ngayon most na lang hehe. And I know I will like the new office. So for heaven's sake, know our worth, before it gets too late...

If you'll look back circa 2007, yan din ata yung resolutions ko. Well, yan naman kasi yung kelangan ng utmost attention. Sana lang this year eh seryosohin ko na. They say that New Year is the perfect day to look back and reflect. To assess yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. Ano ba yung kelangang gawin at kelangang baguhin. But please, let's not limit ourselves to change only during the first day of the year. Let's continue to make resolutions and act on them whole year round. Change should not start at the start of the year. Everyday, we should open for change, if that's the only way for us to be a better person.

Cheers 2009!

2008 in review

2008 has been a rollercoaster ride for me. Too many ups and downs, bumps and humps. But still, here I am, able to look back at what haunted the year that was...
  • delayed ang Christmas bonus. nirelease mid January. considered xmas bonus pa rin ba yun?! hmmm
  • delayed ang promotion. dapat December pero nakalimutan kami, as always. so February nagtake-effect, as usual.
  • mag-isa akong nagcelebrate ng Valentine's Day...uhmm really can't remember kung mag-isa nga ako or if I even celebrated it. haha
  • I used up all my sick leaves, first time in my history in PSRC. thanks to the videoke stint that gave me a throat irritation then viral infection which was initially feared as Dengue! sakit nun ah! araw-araw akong tinutusukan to check my CBC since bumababa sya.
  • spent Holy Week in Baguio with my family, our much deserved vacation considering that my family has been experiencing difficult times. thanks to my Dad and his kabit!
  • spent April in Galera where I got another henna tattoo and another skin irritation because of it. suki na talaga ako sa St. Luke's ER! haha
  • got the midyear bonus several weeks late, na pinambayad ko lang sa credit card. and I'm happy to admit that I'm literally bankrupt! And this is one of my low points. Sobrang gastos ko kasi haay.
  • able to visit Boracay again after 3 years. really enjoyed it thanks to typhoon Frank. got stranded at Bora with no electricity and cellphone signal, chance passenger after a day of waiting in line, and 2 hours of swim in 4 days. not bad! photo op na lang. sayang ang waves.
  • my closest friends leaving PSRC. first was Peewee, then Pops, then my closest Jadey. Haay. I really miss you guys. Sunod na ako soon! Hahaha
  • took courage to have my first, yes FIRST, real tattoo as my birthday gift to myself.
  • birthday at work. bakit ba kasi sinabay ang Core Skills sa birthday ko. Pero thanks na din sa bday cake. mahal talaga ako ng HR! LOL
  • born: august
  • died: october
  • Several factors considered why I should leave. Several factors were reconsidered why I stayed. More factors to be considered and reconsidered yet again on what I wanna do with my life here in PSRC!
  • got the shock of my life last november
  • smiled back last december. *ADJA*

So many twists and turns. I was BLACK and bruised for the year 2008. But I ain't giving up. I'm hoping, I'm assuring myself that 2009 will be better, much better. I'll be back on top this year. Just wait and see...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 and counting

Naniniwala ba kayo sa Feng Shui?

Ewan ko ba pero after mapanood ko yung Mel and Joey last Sunday eh sunud-sunuran ako. hehe. Wala namang mawawala eh.

Dapat daw meron kang 13 fruits na bilog o di kaya medyo bilog. Tapos dapat meron ka ring 12 cloves of garlic. Also, meron ka dapat asin, asukal, bigas, tubig, mantika, at bulak. Puno rin dapat yung rice dispenser nyo.

Then, dapat meron kang 9 pieces of any denomination sa wallet mo. (hiniram ko lang yan whehehe).

And para dun sa mga mahilig mag new year's resolutions, pwede ka namang magwish na mas effective daw. Isulat nyo lang sa papel yung wishes nyo gamit ang black ink then dikit nyo sa walls nyo.

Bahala na kayo kung maniniwala kayo dito. Basta ako ginawa ko sila hehe. Wala namang mawawala. Sana lang magkatotoo. Kahit yung wishes lang. Puhlease. hehe

And for New Year's message for 2009:

2008 has been a rollercoaster ride. Unexpected things happened, things that we expect didn't. But still it ain't an excuse to say that it's been a bad year. Maybe, a bit challenging.

But as 2009 knocks on our doors, let's face it with a more positive outlook. There's still HOPE...

marlboro & winston. *smiley*

Happy New Year!
Happy 3 Kings!

And Happy Valentines!!!

And some comments from my fans:
  • Astig n msg! *smiley* happy new year caloi! *smiley* - Betch
  • Nge corny naman. Happy new year! - Anj V.
  • Bday ko dn... Hehe. *smiley* - Nenz
  • Hapi easter and advance hapi bday! Peace... Hapi new year 2! - Milette
  • Corny! - Sab