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Friday, October 28, 2011

Shared Planet: Sneak Peak

Come November 3, all roads lead back to all Starbucks branches for the first day of sticker redemption for the 2012 Starbucks Planner! This year's edition comes in 5 designs made of engineered wood with their own pouches. Colors are Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce, and Oak (from lightest to darkest).

And this year, Starbucks is giving us 3 options on availment:

  • Buy 9 Christmas blends + 8 core beverages except bottled drinks = 17 stickers
  • Buy 23 core beverages except bottled drinks = 23 stickers
  • Buy P5000 worth of Starbucks merchandise (GC, tumblers, etc.) = free planner
There you go. Hope to get my own soon! I'm torn between Oak and Spruce!

Photo courtesy of Jason King Ong's blog.
You may also visit this or this for more pictures.

Enjoy brewing!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adidas KOTR 2011

So the day had come...

Last October 23, Adidas KOTR Philippine Leg was held at the Global City. Fortunately, the 4 scheduled alarms woke me up. By 5AM, was already at the NBC tent witnessing the 21K and 16.8K runners prep up for the gun start. I was really at a loss since it was my very first race other then the Run For Hope. I'm not sure where to go so I asked at least 2 people. 5K was supposed to have 3 waves: 5:50, 5:55, and 6AM. I dunno what wave will I run. Thankfully this daddy told me that he also had no idea. Buti na lang di lang ako yung medyo aanga-anga LOL. So I decided to ran the first wave. The first KM was really a test for me. Feeling ko puputok yung appendix ko. It was good that I went on. Bahala na may medics naman haha.

Just like the time I ran at the UP Acad Oval, I timed myself seeing if I can surpass the 30min barrier that I set for myself. And this was what I got!

I was positive that I officially got a faster time since it took me several seconds after I crossed the finish line before I stopped the timer. And I was right!

Overall, I must say that I really enjoyed my first official run. Looking forward to next year's edition. Way to go Adidas!!! Oh and thanks for these freebies and my finisher's medal! Woohoo!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Havaianas Final Call

  • Promo runs from October 24 up to November 30, 2011.
  • Purchase any (1) pair and avail a 20% discount.
  • Purchase two (2) or more pairs (any style) and avail a 40% discount.
  • Purchase any Havaianas Accessory and avail a 10% discount.

Here are the participating retailers implementing 20% dicount only for every pruchase of a pair:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Runner In Me

Who would have thought that I'd be running an official race anytime soon. Not me! But yes, I registered for Adidas KOTR this coming October 23. Not because I enjoy running. Not really. With my weak lungs and endurance, I'd rather stay seated. I don't even like walking! Would rather ride than walk from office to Megamall! I only registered because of this!!!

I'm not after the time, I just wanted to finish the race with a decent time!

For weeks I've been checking on my time at the threadmill. How much time do I take to finish 1K? 2K? 2.5K? With that I just estimate the time if I'll be doing 5K. 

But last night I opted to take it to the next level and  run 5K at the UP Acad Oval. The oval stretches 2.2K so I need to make 2 rounds and about a third to get that 5K.

And my only target, to finish under 30 minutes. IMHO that's quite decent for a first time runner for an official race. The first that I joined was the fundraising Run For Hope for my Big Boy Jon Angelo. I clocked in above 40 minutes then coz I basically walked half the 5K stretch. But last night, I ran! Ok I walked for about 5 minutes in total coz I felt that I was losing my breath. But for the remaining part, I really pushed myself hard. And my time??!

Damn! 31 seconds out of my target. Should have walked 4 minutes then I could have broken in the 30 minute bracket. Anyways, let's see on October 23 if I can achieve my personal goal. And I'm excited to have that medal around my neck!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ako na talaga ang fan! Hehe. Sana mapa-autograph ko to. Tsk!