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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 in review

2008 has been a rollercoaster ride for me. Too many ups and downs, bumps and humps. But still, here I am, able to look back at what haunted the year that was...
  • delayed ang Christmas bonus. nirelease mid January. considered xmas bonus pa rin ba yun?! hmmm
  • delayed ang promotion. dapat December pero nakalimutan kami, as always. so February nagtake-effect, as usual.
  • mag-isa akong nagcelebrate ng Valentine's Day...uhmm really can't remember kung mag-isa nga ako or if I even celebrated it. haha
  • I used up all my sick leaves, first time in my history in PSRC. thanks to the videoke stint that gave me a throat irritation then viral infection which was initially feared as Dengue! sakit nun ah! araw-araw akong tinutusukan to check my CBC since bumababa sya.
  • spent Holy Week in Baguio with my family, our much deserved vacation considering that my family has been experiencing difficult times. thanks to my Dad and his kabit!
  • spent April in Galera where I got another henna tattoo and another skin irritation because of it. suki na talaga ako sa St. Luke's ER! haha
  • got the midyear bonus several weeks late, na pinambayad ko lang sa credit card. and I'm happy to admit that I'm literally bankrupt! And this is one of my low points. Sobrang gastos ko kasi haay.
  • able to visit Boracay again after 3 years. really enjoyed it thanks to typhoon Frank. got stranded at Bora with no electricity and cellphone signal, chance passenger after a day of waiting in line, and 2 hours of swim in 4 days. not bad! photo op na lang. sayang ang waves.
  • my closest friends leaving PSRC. first was Peewee, then Pops, then my closest Jadey. Haay. I really miss you guys. Sunod na ako soon! Hahaha
  • took courage to have my first, yes FIRST, real tattoo as my birthday gift to myself.
  • birthday at work. bakit ba kasi sinabay ang Core Skills sa birthday ko. Pero thanks na din sa bday cake. mahal talaga ako ng HR! LOL
  • born: august
  • died: october
  • Several factors considered why I should leave. Several factors were reconsidered why I stayed. More factors to be considered and reconsidered yet again on what I wanna do with my life here in PSRC!
  • got the shock of my life last november
  • smiled back last december. *ADJA*

So many twists and turns. I was BLACK and bruised for the year 2008. But I ain't giving up. I'm hoping, I'm assuring myself that 2009 will be better, much better. I'll be back on top this year. Just wait and see...